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Client Testimonials, References & Quotes from people who have worked with Eric Michael Cap - GOLD STREET.

final cut pro Projects: Videography, Photography, Editing & DVD for Family Promise ESFV

“Eric Michael Cap did an outstanding job producing a 10-minute Corporate Video for Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley. From concept to finished product, he was a Pro every step of the way. The video required many interviews in a variety of locations, and he always put his subjects at total ease. And finally, he wove an incredible video tapestry that so clearly tells the Family Promise of East San Fernando Valley story through many points of view. We are so excited to have this important tool, and we look forward to what it will add to our organization as we go towards the future.”

- Mary Anderson-Harris, Publicist & Family Promise ESFV Board Member

Samples: FPesfv Corporate Video, Participant's Interview Comp, Empty Bowl Promo, Empty Bowl PSA - 2012, Empty Bowl PSA - 2011, Empty Bowl Photos - 2012 - EB2011

family promise

Mary Anderson-Harris

grass roots political campaigns Project: Video Editing, Production & Graphic Design for Barbara Sharp

"Eric Michael Cap is a tireless professional who takes every project to heart and gives far in excess of 100%. Truly, Eric went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected in producing video and flyer design for my campaign. He was exceedingly inspirational, creative and knowledgeable not only about production, but also in the areas of content, delivery and marketing. If you want excellence, professionalism and proactive client service, I cannot more highly recommend Eric and his production services for your next project."

- Barbara Sharp, 2009 Candidate for Burbank City Council (Burbank, CA)

Samples: Informal Conversation video, LWV Forum video, Council Film Permit Talk video, Election Flyer.

Barbara Sharp for Burbank City Council

tv voice over narration recording Voice Over Recording - California Heartland for KVIE Channel 6 Sacramento (PBS)

" Working with Eric is terrific because he is a true professional. I'm very much impressed with Eric's knowledge of audio/editing/production, and more --plus his energy and easy going nature is very much appreciated. I would recommend him to everyone!"

- Jennifer Quinonez, Field Writer / Producer - KCET (Los Angeles)

Samples (raw):Wohlford Ranch, Hayground Organic, Starting Over, Family Farm.

PBS affiliate

Infomercial DRM video post production Project: Video Editing & Audio Post for Speed Spanish TV Infomercial

"When we previewed the finished Infomercial for potential investors in Los Vegas, they were so impressed with the quality of the program, they wrote us a 6 figure check on the spot!"

- Jody Ahrens, VP Operations - Proven Concepts Inc. (Los Angeles)

"The commercial break was the best I've ever seen for an Infomercial"

- Damien Haines, Media Buyer - Direct Research TV (Philadelphia)

"Eric, great job.. It was great working with you! Hope to do additional projects in the near future..Well done."

- Joe Marino, Multi Media Marketing, Inc. (San Francisco)

Samples: Informercial Intro, Commercial*

speed spanish

corporate video production Projects: Video Production & Post (Corporate/Industrial) for Meggitt/Whittaker

“Eric Michael Cap has produced in 2002 several video presentations for the Myers Company Group, a full-service marketing communications/public relations firm located in Beverly Hills. Eric, via his Gold Street Entertainment company, has provided my clients with a variety of high quality marketing tools that are used in domestic and international locations."

"Eric has met our deadlines assiduously and is highly easy to work with. His video, audio and creative talents have resulted in programs that work and that are highly received by my clients. I intend to continue to work with Gold Street Entertainment in satisfying my company’s quality requirements for marketing materials.”

- Phillip Myers, President - Myers Company Group (Los Angeles)

Meggitt PLC, Whittaker Controls

Project: Videography & Audio Commentaries - The Invisible Man Season 1 DVD box set

"The fans loved the interviews and commentaries (for which I again thank you)"

- Ian Atkins, Product Manager - Contender Entertainment Group (London, UK)

Project: Video Editing & DVD authoring for Amanda McBroom

"I just watched both tapes. I think they are terrific!... FABULOUS... Thanks again, so much!"

- Amanda McBroom, Singer/Songwriter (The Rose)

Sample: QT Video Montage

Project: Video Production: U.S. Casting & Coordination for Protea Textware

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We thought the actors were very good, and it was a pleasure working with them. They were very obliging... Everything went very smoothly, thanks to your excellent management.Also, thank you very much for arranging the BBQ. It was great to have the chance to meet you, and the actors, before we began work on the Monday. We really appreciated your thoughtfulness in doing that".

- Heather Kaufmann, Protea Textware (Melbourne, Australia)

Samples: Sue & Jennifer_Tech , Behind The Scenes movie,

Project: DVD Production for Megatrax Production Music NAB 2005/06 DVD's.

"I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful work on our DVD - It went over really well"

"Thanks so much, Eric. Great doing business with you. Look forward to more"

- Wendy Brueder, Marketing Manager - Megatrax (Los Angeles)

Samples - 2006: DVD Menu Design, Text Animation, Video Editing (FCP Timline)

Project: Animation Voice Over Recording, Editing & FX for Wizard Kwiggle

"Your interest and support are blessings, and I appreciate your commitment to quality, the breadth of your skills and talents, and your kind-hearted Kwiggly approach to work.

- Lori Walters, Wizard Kwiggle (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Samples: Introduction - Humpty - Space

Project: Voice Over Recording, Editing & Mixing for Kern Direct

"This letter is to confirm that we have worked with Eric Michael Cap / Gold Street and were very happy with the quality of his audio recording - editing - mixing services.

Kern Direct is a fully-integrated online and offline direct marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of direct marketing, advertising, public relations and technology, with particular emphasis in business-to-business direct marketing programs. Some of our clients include IBM, NASA, SGI, Verisign, 3Comm, Hitachi, Apple, Gateway, Lucent, Wells Fargo & Mitsubishi.

We contracted Eric after locating him on the web, to help us edit and mix 3 hours of audio interviews recorded on DAT, into 3 segments totaling 36 minutes for our Marketing Executive Online Forum. The audio was then combined with a Powerpoint presentation to produce what we call a Webinar. Additional voice over recordings were required, which had to match the sound of our previous sessions recorded in Colorado.

Russell Kern (President) and I were very impressed by Eric's high production values and Pro Tools editing skills. We were able to complete the project at a very reasonable rate in 4 days, meeting a strict deadline. We look forward to working with Eric on future projects requiring his skills and highly recommend him".

- Judy Mitchell, Account Director - Kern Direct (Los Angeles)

Samples: Kern 1 - Kern 2 - Kern 3

Project: Voice Over Recording, Editing & Mastering for Advanced Bionics

"You do great work and you handled our project very professionally. I haven't forgotten about the words of appreciation from Advanced Bionics Corporation for your website"

- Howard Bell, Video Producer - Advanced Bionics (Los Angeles)

"Thanks so much for the files. Hope it is coming together well. I so enjoyed working with you, Dave and Deb. It was a great time!"..."The CDs did arrive and I have had a chance to listen to some of them. They sound great. I think we are in great shape".

- Mary E. Koch, Auditory Education Consultant

"Again, it was great working with you ... because you know what you want!"

- Dave Cameron, Voice Over Actor (L.A.)

Project: Voice Overs for TV & Radio spots for Texas Dept.of Health

"Working with Gold Street was a terrific experience. Eric worked very hard to find exactly the quality of talent we needed at a price that fit our production budget. Our company is hooked, we never need to search for another audio facility again. The quality was right, the experience was wonderful, and Eric and the talent were flexible to our needs by working hard to give us exactly what we wanted."

- Guillermo & Tera Lecuona - Fortis Filmworks (Los Angeles)

Video Samples: English TV - Spanish TV

Project: Voice Overs, Video Editing & Web Encoding for The Style Group

"I love the voiceover! I think it sounds great! We're syncing it up to the movie now and will show it to the client this afternoon!"

"Thanks for doing such a brilliant job on the voiceover! The client loved it! I also need your help with some tapes for Angeleno that I'm working on..."

- Stephen Kamifugi, Creative Director - The Style Group (Beverly Hills)

"Great job! They loved it." ... "Everyone is very pleased with the outcome. Thanks"

- Zachary Self - The Style Group (Beverly Hills)

Video Samples - click above thumbnails
Project: Voice Overs (Foreign Language) for Global Language Solutions Clients

"We have had the pleasure of working with Eric Michael and Gold Street since early 2001. Over the past few years Eric has delivered professional foreign language voice overs for Anaheim Orange County Tourist Bureau "Resort To Something New" videos, Oakland International Airport "Arrivals" videos, GE Rotoflow, Boeing's Sea Launch Commander and Odyssey. Gold Street also provided Spanish-English transcriptions /translations for a Honda web site video. Eric has meet client deadlines and we've always been very happy with his services and rates. I have no hesitation in recommending and promoting his services".

- Olga Smirnova, CEO - Global Language Solutions (Orange County)

Project: Voice Over Recording (Spanish) for Nikken Audio CD's

"The client received his package and they are very happy with the final product. They just called me to say how satisfied they are"

- Lorna Silva, Global Language Solutions (Orange County)

Samples: Nikken intro, Herman_Zig, Rene_Rob, Dave_Pilzer, Armando_Cho.

Project: Voice Over Dub (Spanish) & Video Titles for Nikken DVD

"Eric!!! My friend !!!! Good Job!!!! Excellent!!! You're the man!!! I saw the DVD... I love it, and I think Nikken people love it too.!!!! Thanks for letting me be part of this project".

- Rene Navarro, Navarro Entertainment Inc.

Project: Spanish Voice Dubbing for Gano Excel Corporate Sales Video

"The Spanish work that you did was fabulous & I fully intend to come back to you..You gave good pricing.. I appreciate the good work you did."

"Thanks for your great work...they (Gano Excel) loved it! I think it works fabulously. You did a really good job."

- Rodney Mitchell, Greenleaf Street Productions (Los Angeles)

Samples:, EspDub.wmv. Herman - Gloria - Karen

Project: Audio Post - Documentary Film for Seal Island

"We thought the hardest part of our film was going to be finding White Sharks in South Africa, as it turned out finding a reliable cost effective resource for engineering our sound was even harder. Thanks to Eric Michael Cap at Gold Street we were able to professionally wrap up this part of post production easily. Having the ability to schedule recording times with our narrator laying down narrative tracks and then just days later bring in our composer to mix down the score saved us. We met our deadlines and have made an invaluable post sound production connection for future films. I highly recommend Gold Street for any post production needs".

- Todd Ulmer, Hornbill Productions, Inc (Burbank)

Project: Audio Post - Feauture Film for The Symposium.

I’ve auditioned the sound on my Elite receiver/B&W speakers, and for the most part, it holds up really well. Great job! You’ve cleaned up things I didn’t think were clean-uppable!

- Michael Wurth, Writer/Director - "The Symposium" (Los Angeles)

MovieSample: Scriptwise promo

Project: Audio Post - Short Film for Karma Wheel

"'Karma Wheel' got into the Sacramento Film and Video Festival - thanks"

- Austin Alward, Director (Los Angeles)

Project: Audio Editing & Mastering (TV/Film Music) for Nathan Sassover 3 CD Box Set

"Let me express my views on the excellent job you did on this recording project. 'Interior States' was challenging because of the need to edit/master tracks which had been recorded on two different pianos over a period of a few years. This required real attention to tonal balance, overall sound stage, and attention to the intricate dynamics of the musical pieces to assure continuity throughout the 43 tracks which were ultimately chosen for the 3 CDset. Eric's work was consistently on top of each phase, showed real diligence as we critically narrowed our choices and refined the overall "presence' of the music. Great organization of data and communication during this process futher assured the end product which is receiving very positive response from a wide range of listeners".

- Nathan Sassover, Inhabit Inc. (Los Angeles)

CD1 Track 01
CD1 Track 07
CD2 Track 07
CD3 Track 01
CD3 Track 04
CD3 Track 12

Project: Video Demo Reel

"My voice teacher saw the video and was very happy with it"

- Lori Moran, Singer /Actress (Los Angeles)

Sample: Lori Reel

Project: Voice Over Demo

"I went to Gold Street for my voice over demo because it had the most affordable audio post rates I could find. I was delighted to find Eric to be a total pro -- he had a huge selection of music and was efficient and prepared. My demo could not have turned out any better."

- Anne Sembrook, Voice Over (Los Angeles)

Sample: Anne VO Demo

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