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JUDGEMENT DAY -THE COMPILATION (Life After Death Records) is a collective of inspiring and convicting Gospel R&B songs compiled by Executive Producer, Cornelius Williams. Various Artists are featured on this compilation CD, tracks from which have already received radio airplay, film & major label interest. The CD was recorded, mixed & mastered by Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET. It features 3 original songs written & produced by Eric (aka General Groove), who also produced 3 other music tracks (see below Credits). The CD is now available for sale @ Sam Goody & Wherehouse.

C.W.A. Judgement Day (C.Williams/M.Harris) Gospel/Rap R.E,M
Animation Final Chapter (Animation) Gospel/Rap R.E,M,M+ FinalChapter
Jawanni So Good (Eric Michael Cap) Gospel/R&B S,P,R.E,M,M+ SoGood
Anastasia Righteous Desire (Anastasia) Gospel/Spoken P,R.E,M,M+ Righteous
Stacey/Lavelle All My Love (S. Evans) Christian/Pop P,R.E,M,M+ AllMyLove
C.W.A. Armageddon (M.Harris) Gospel/Rap R.E,M,M+
Jawanni On My Way (Eric Michael Cap) Gospel/R&B S,P,R.E,M,M+ OnMyWay
Animation Livin' In Darkness (Animation) Gospel/Rap R.E,M
Stacey E. Violet Skies (S. Evans) Christian/Pop P,R.E,M,M+ VioletSkies
C.W.A. Heaven Bound (Williams/Harris/Andrews) Gospel/R&B R.E,M
General Groove I Wanna B Down With God (Michael Cap) Gospel/R&B S,P,R.E,M IWBDWG
C. Love Betrayed (C.Williams) Gospel/Rap R.E,M,M+ Betrayed

CREDITS Legend: S* (Songwriter), P* (Music Producer), E (Editor)

R (Recording Engineer), M (Mix Engineer), M+ (Mastering Engineer)

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