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Color Correction & Grading, Final Cut Studio

Color Grading is to video what Mastering is to audio, a final chance to shape the look & feel of your project. We provide several Color services ranging from color correction within Final Cut Pro 7 & Adobe Premiere CC NLE's, to color grading in Apple Color, SpeedGrade or DaVinci Resolve Lite. Video is monitored at full HD resolution on calibrated Sony LCD and PVM20L5 Monitors, as well as Apple Cinema Displays for web translation via Blackmagic &/or Matrox video cards. Click here to email Eric about your Color finishing needs and be sure to include details re the type of project, TRT, cameras & format/codecs, NLE software used, deliverables, deadine, budget and any reference video links you'd like to share.
Color / Finishing Services

Final Cut Pro 7 Color Correction

Adobe Premiere Color Correction

Apple Color "RT" Color Grading

SpeedGrade CC & DaVinci Resolve

Skin Softening & Film "Looks"

Color Match & Motion Tracking

Resize, Pan-&-Scan, Conform

QT ProRes, DPX, XML output

Apple Color Davinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro Sony
Technicolor CineStyle
SpeedGrade RED Canom, EOS, 5d, 7d


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