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GOLD STREET provides convenient in-house A/V Encoding/Compression services for our Clients. Once your project is completed we can encode it for Web use, DVD/Blu-Ray disc &/or Broadcast end-use. We also encode outside projects* and accept most standard formats, with fast turnaround on most jobs.

Here's the basics of what we do: We capture, edit, encode and deliver the highest-quality compressed audio/video in all major formats from your source media (Tape, File-Based, Digital etc), using various software & hardware tools for media conversion & optimization. Bring us your source media, select your preferred formats, movie size and bit rates optimized for your choice of devices and connection speeds (iPhone/iPad, YouTube/Vimeo DSL/Cable etc.), and we'll do the rest! We can then upload your encoded media to your FTP site, directly to your web video hosting service or YouTube/Vimeo channel, burn a data DVD &/or copy the files to your external hard drive (USB/FW).

CLIENTS: Our clients encompass recording artists, actors, agencies, indie record labels & film makers, advertising & production companies, small business, large corporations, educational and web developers. Our client list includes: Megatrax, The Style Group - M.O.C.A; CrimeStrike; Kern Direct Marketing; Meggitt PLC / Whittaker Controls; - Remy Remington, Cryotherm Energy, Bio Plas;; Global Music Services - Amanda McBroom; IntraTherapies;; James Warren; Life After Death Records and many more.

RATES: Video encoding rates begin @ $5 per minute (per format, per bit rate) with Audio @ $1/minute. There's a $15-$30 per tape/job set-up fee, and additional Transfer/VTR rental fees for BetaSP, DigiBeta & HD Tape formats ($POA). For a custom quote, please complete our Online Encoding Request Form or email us with your project specs.

.* All jobs subject to Engineer/Studio availability. Min.$100 job charge. No adult material.

.A/V Encoding Services


QuickTime H.264, Flash

Windows Media, MPEG


MPEG 2, AVCHD & Dolby AC3


AAC, MP3, Dolby, Flash


NTSC-PAL, SD-HD, H.264-ProRes


* Music & Videos

* Corporate Videos

* Product Demos

* Training / eLearning

* Commercials / PSA's

* Promos & Movie Trailers

* Documentaries & Films

* Web Sites * IOS/Android

* YouTube, Vimeo etc.

compression for youtube, ios, optical disc

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