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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Songwriters/Artists/Managers/Labels etc.

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Q. CREDITS? Who are some of the people you've worked with? (click here to see Credits & hear samples)

A. West Coast - Los Angeles:- Laurice Monica & Dave Coe, Tai Lewis, Bruce Michael Hall & Donn Swaby, Janet Fisher & SGA, C-Love & C.W.A., Devotion, Rosy Morales*, Evolve & Nicci Bates*, Fred & Kim Milner*, Dana Johnson, Nathan Sassover, KMatedor, Mr Animation & Stacey Evans, Vu X Le, Marcia Campbell, Joy Hadjian, Trevor Jackson, Jay Bacchus f.Jakki Butler, Elena M., Merce Laines, The Baron, D.Mack, C.L. Shorts, Supa Record's E.S.O, Melvin McKenzie f.Valentina Hecker, Rebecca Jones, Eric Mercury aka Rodney "Street Legent" Dixon, Angie & Chris Buckingham (Gospel Aerobics), Boss Universal, Darrell Lois Morgan, Jerry Allen, Craig Whitecare, Shaun Stewart, Delian Aramour, Rebecca Hecht, Jonathan Jenkins, Majestic (aka MikeLew), Donna Ventura, Raymond Justice, Dwight Edmonson, Nekole McFerrin, Kenna Colon, Matt Ederalin, Paul Laurence, Jay Minor, Felix Quinones, Trisha Fuentas & many more.

Audio/Video - Global:- EMI Christian Music / TeleStoryTOONS, Strunz & Farah, Amanda McBroom, Contender Group (UK) - The Invisible Man, Passport Productions / Supa Records, Knowledge Kids Network - LeapFrog, Texas Dept. of Health (Fortis Filmworks), Anaheim Orange County Tourist Bureau, Kern Direct, Protea Textware (Aust.), Advanced Bionics, IntraTherapies, Meggitt PLC & Whttaker Controls, Global Language Solutions, Oakland International Airport, Boeing, GE, Honda (South America), Int'l Assoc. of Middle Eastern Dance (I.A.M.E.D), Greenleaf Street Productions - Gano Excel, Hornbill Productions, Scriptwise Partners, Austin Alward, Arch Brown, The Style Group - M.O.C.A & many more.

East Coast - New York:- LaShawna*, Keith Bonner, Aubrey Barnes, Crystal Blake, Darlene Campbell, Deliah, Richard Washington, David Whitley, Karen Lee, Patrice, Avon Marshall, Dolo, Wilson Pena @ Silverbolt +...

Australia - Sydney:- Anne Farr*, Zan, Josh Beagly (Swoop), Ean Sugarman, Skinny & others @ Trackdown +...

Q. SAMPLES? Why can't I hear your music samples or see your video clips? (click here for Credits & samples)

A. Audio samples are in either MP3 or AAC - QuickTime (stream) formats. Videos are usually QuickTime. Make sure you have the latest FREE player installed or click here to download Apple QuickTime.


A. See Rates Web page for basic rates or click here to request a Project Quote *

Q.Producer Fees? What do I have to pay you if I want you to produce my tracks/songs/CD?

A. I charge a flat per rate for music track production and either a flat or hourly rate for studio time to record-edit-mix vocals. On commercially released label recordings I may also receive a Producer's royalty (2-4%), depending on how much work I do &/or co-writing/publishing credit when I compose/arrange original music.


A. See Studio Web page


A. I can record & mix up-to 255 audio tracks in Apple's Logic Pro 8 and 128 tracks in Digidesign's Pro Tools 8 via their CPTK. Additional Pro Tools tracks are available via mobile Pro Tools HD rigs rented for major label projects. Most commercial recordings I do use between 24 to 64 tracks, depending on the type/style of music. 16 to 24 tracks is sufficient for most demos.


A. I Produce & Mix most styles of music; Pop, R&B, Gospel/Christian, Dance, Hip-Hop, Latin, Alt./Rock etc. I Write/Compose mainly R&B based Pop & Gospel/Christian music these days.


A. Email or call me to check availability and talk specific project/session details. A 50% deposit is required for all projects/sessions on booking, the balance payable at the end of the project/session. Please contact me at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time (sorry no last-minute sessions).

A. After a client has contacted me and expressed an interest in me producing or mixing/mastering a project (i.e. after they've visited my web site, listened to samples of my work & liked what they heard), we'll talk via phone or in-person about things like musical style/direction, songs/artists they like, technical issues, rates, availability etc. From there we can make a specific plan re # tracks to be produced-recorded-mixed-mastered, pencil in some recording/mixing session dates, create an Invoice of all fees/costs involved & sign the necessary paperwork (studio contract).

Q. RECORDING? How long (many hours) does it take?

A. The time it takes to produce & record a song varies depending on the type of production and the singer's vocal ability. As a rough guide, it usually takes me about 16-24 hours to produce a master-quality song for an indie artist/label & 8-10 hours to do a professional song demo. Most hip-hop/rap projects are done quicker. Most commercial Pop/R&B/Gospel music projects I produce involve 5 sessions: 1. Record Guide Vocal w/client (1hr) 2. Produce Music Tracks (10+hrs) 3. Record Vocals w/client (2-3hrs) 4. Edit Vocals (comp, pitch-correct, harmonize) (2-3hrs) 5. Mix Down & Master to CD (various versions) (5-8+hrs).

Q. EDITING & MIXING different session formats? Software DAWs: ProTools-Nunedo/Cubase-Logic-DP-Sonar ... or ... Hardware DAWs: RolandVS880-TascamMX2424-YamahaAW441etc.

A. You can bring the project to me on CDR/DVD or on a external Firewire/SCSI hard drive in a number of ways: OMF file (with embedded audio files), Pro Tools session, Nuendo/Cubase song, OpenTL file (MX2424) or Aiff/Wav stems. Make sure you include all audio files in a separate folder (i.e Pro Tools session + Audio Files folder). If you've recorded tracks on your own DAW i.e Roland VS880 or similar HDR, you'll need to bring in your machine. I do not handle ADAT or 2" tape formats in-house so you'll need to transfer it into Pro Tools and bring it back to my place for additional tracking, editing & mixing.

Q. MASTERING? Why? How long does it take? How much does it cost?

A. Anyone planning to commercially release their music or distribute it to Radio or Dance Clubs must have their music professionally mastered. Un-mastered songs sound weak and tinny when compared to songs that have been mastered. Every single major label release is mastered. Hourly rates for mastering begin @ $40-$50/hour and we also have affordable packages for indie artists/labels, ranging from $300 (drop-off) to $500 (w/client present) for 10 songs. You could easily spend five times that amount @ at a large commercial mastering facility.

Q. How long does it take to profesionally master a CD and what do you need?

A. A typical mastering session usually lasts about 8 hours, though this can change based upon the number of tracks being edited & mastered. You're welcome and encouraged to attend the mastering session or you can ship us your Masters with EQ-compression-editing-sequencing notes. I book most sessions weeks in advance, so if you'd like to me to master your project, please contact me well a head of time (even before you finish your final mixes). For the best possible results, you should provide 24bit mixes of your songs on CDR/DVD. Click Here to schedule a session &/or request a project quote.


A. I have lots of original R&B based Pop, Dance & Gospel/Christian songs a new artist can record (if you don't write). Check out the following link for starters:
I can also build a track around your guide vocal melody. Let me know more about the type/style of material you're looking to record (Pop/R&B etc) & Eg's ie. " I'd like something like Fill Me In by Craig David" (or whatever/whoever)


A. If you want to be competitive in today's music business, you're much better off doing master-quality tracks than demos, unless you're just trying to get your idea on tape or perhaps pitch your songs to artists directly or music publishers. This will also give you more options as far as getting your songs placed in TV &/or Films, as they require broadcast quality finished masters.

A. More tracks, more instruments, more time fine-tuning & mixing, higher production values. Here's some demo & master samples of the same songs so that you can hear the differences:- "Honey Is That True" (Pop/R&B) demo - Master; "I Just Wanna Feel Good" (Pop/R&B) demo - Master; "The Music That We Need" (Latin/Dance) demo - Master; "Baby It's Up 2 U" (R&B) demo - Master.


A. Just email/mail me a mp3/CD/cassette of your accappela guide vocal or demo track, along with a lyric sheet (with chords - if applicable) and some reference track production notes i.e. 'I want this to sound like........'. I can work from that to create a new track, send you an mp3 for feedback & then a final mp3 or Aiff/Wav file on CD for you to record your vocals to. I can also have vocals recorded by a pro session vocalist & mixed in my Studio.

Q. BAND SESSIONS/PROJECTS? midi file (if you have elements of your original track you want to include),

A. I do work with Bands but I do not record bands with live drums in my project studio. Drums need to be recorded in a bigger studio with a separate drum iso booth & lots of mic's. All other parts (i.e. vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass etc) can be recorded, edited, mixed & mastered "in-house" in my private Studio.Most of my work with bands is either Mixing (Pro Tools - Logic Pro sessions) & Mastering CD's.


A. I do work with "positive" &/or Gospel/Christian Hip-hop/Rap artists/acts (i.e clean). Some bring in a track already done while others bring in their gear/instruments (mpc drum machine, keyboards/sound modules etc) to lay down. Other times we'll put together tracks (beats/loops, keys etc) from scratch and then record vocals. While a major producer will just want to hear your lyrics & style, a record label is going to also want to hear a kickin' fresh track i.e. not the same generic loops they've already heard on a 100 other guys demos.

NOTE: I DO NOT work on material containing profanity or explicit language (i.e cursing , most gangsta rap, X-Rated lyrics). No cursing, smoking, alcohol or drugs are permitted in the Studio.


A. I write my own Music & Lyrics and only "collaborate" with Artists I produce/record @ my Studio.


A. No, I do not do spec deals or work for "deferred pay" or "points" or "publishing" only. Any freetime I have (very little) goes into my own music projects. I have very competitive rates (about 1/2 of what you'd pay at a medium sized commercial studio) and if you have the talent (the voice, songs etc.) we can make a great sounding record. The bottom line is you're going to have to invest a little money & time if you’re really serious about going after your music dreams/goals and competing with the thousands of other would-be recording artists.


A. I do not accept demos or unsolicited material. Gold Street Entertainment only releases music I write &/or produce for the select artists I work with (& myself). Most of the artists I "find" are people who record here.


A. I work alone (i.e.I do all my own engineering) and do not have any assistant engineering or intern positions. Please do not email, fax or mail any Resumes. If you're a session musician (R&B/Pop keyboards or guitar only) and want to bater/exchange services, you may contact me with your info. (see below note re Session Work)


A. I don't have much work for session singers. Most client projects I do are with self-contained artists. Any session vocal work we get is given to singers I've worked with here in my studio, many of whom are past clients. Same thing applies for keyboard and guitar players, though I'm sometimes open to trading session playing for studio time when I'm working on one of my own personal music projects, providing you're really good & fast.


A. Due to the nature of my work it's generally very difficult to get me on the phone, especially during peak-seasons (Fall, Spring), as I'm either working on client projects, in sessions or out doing business "things". I also get numerous unsolicited calls (job seekers, telemarketers/salesmen & "wanna-be" artists) and simply can't field & return every call. So if you don't get hold of me when you call, please leave a detailed message outlining the specific services you're interested in & the best time to call you back. My number is 818-567-1911. The best way to contact me is via email with your project spec's & recording/mixing dates to check my availability or click here for an online quote

Notes: I do not take calls from private numbers. Also, in the interest of time, please don't call me asking about rates or coming by to "check-out" my (private) studio (you can do that online). DO call me once you've checked out my web site and want to talk about your specific music project & check my availability. Thanks. - EMC

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