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AUDIO | VIDEO services FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) * click here for MUSIC FAQ's

WHO are you? - WHAT do you do? - WHERE are you located? - WHAT are your hours? - WHO have you done work for (client list)? - WHAT are your rates? - WHAT equipment do you use? - HOW quickly can you turnaround a job? - VOICE OVER Recording & Dubbing Services (Foreign Language)? - WHAT are the basic things you need to get to do audio post for my project? - HOW do you do DVD Audio commentaries & what are the costs? - DO you have a package rate for a low budget indie film that includes everything? - CAN you do M&E (music & effects)? - WHAT is your rate for the 5.1 surround sound package? - DO you do video editing? - DO you produce corporate videos/commercials? DO you edit HD? - HOW much will it cost to convert a 1hour video program to DVD? - WHAT formats can you encode to and what source media do you accept? - DO you do CD/DVD duplication or tape dubbing? - DO you work with Adult Content? - HOW can I contact you? - DO you produce demos & reels? - DO you accept demo tapes? - DO you have any job vacancies? - WHY can't I hear & see your a/v samples? - DO you supply Voice Over Talent for outside projects/sessions?

WHO are you? I am a Freelance Audio/Visual Producer and owner/operator of Gold Street, an independent Audio/Video Production Company/Agency based in Los Angeles, CA.

WHAT do you do? I provide a wide range of professional Audio/Visual Services covering Still & Moving Pictures (Photo/Video), Voice Over, Audio Post & Music. I write, shoot, record, edit, mix & finish. I work on a project-to-project basis for various local, national & international entertainment and corporate clients seeking quality work at a great price.

WHERE are you located? I am conveniently located in Burbank, CA. (the media capitol of the world), but work throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. I'm available for hire on location anywhere within the So-Cal area and can Telecommunte or Fly anywhere in the USA!

WHAT are your business hours? Typically 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday (by appointment), or whatever is needed to get the job done.

WHAT projects have you worked on & WHO have you worked for (client list)? The Invisible Man (DVD Audio Commentaries & Cast Interviews) for the U.K. based Contender Entertainment Group (UK); Angel Wars DVD (Spanish Dub) for TeleStoryTOONS / EMI Christian Music; Speed Spanish Infomercial for Proven Concepts / National Dynamics; Megatrax DVD for NAB (2005); Motherhood by Choice not Chance DVD (Spanish Voice Narration) for Concentric Media / Planned Parenthood; Strunz & Farah DVD; Amanda McBroom Video/DVD; Foreign Language Voice Overs & Dubs for Anaheim O.C. Tourist Bureau, Oakland Int'l Airport, Boeing, Nikken, Honda (Central/South America) & GE via Global Language Solutions; Video Encoding for The Style Group - MOCA (Andy Warhol Retrospective); Video Editing (Corporate) for Parsons; Video Production & Editing for Meggitt PLC & Whittaker Controls (c./o Myers Company Group). Other clients include: Kern Direct; Knowledge Kid's Network - Leap Frog; Fortis Filmworks - Texas Dept. of Health; IntraTherapies; Hornbill Productions, Austin Alward, Streetlight Cinema; IAMED / & BellyTwins; & - Cryotherm Energy, Bio Plas; Goodnight Kiss Music & the Songwriters Guild of America, Passport Productions/Supa Records, Bruce Michael Hall, Donn Swaby, Life After Death Records, Tai Lewis, Devotion and many more. click here to view Client Testimonials & Quotes

WHAT are your rates? Basic rates start from $50/hour or $400-$500/day. Additional rates apply for rentals, tape dubs, talent, music licensing etc. I also work on a flat project rate in many instances. I am also available for medium to long term Freelance work at your job site at a reduced hourly/day rate. Please visit the Rates page for more information or click on one of the below links for a custom project quote:

See below notes for more information on rates & billing: * min. session/booking = 2-4 hours *

Voice Over projects are typically billed hourly (@$50/hr with $100/2hr min.) for recording & mixing projects where clients provides the talent. Flat project rates are available for in-house produced projects were we cast/book/provide voice talent. Rates vary depending on the project length, voice over talent (non-union), whether it's audio only or audio for video, English or foreign language, production values & end-use (broadcast or non-broadcast). We've produced 30-60 sec. broadcast promo spots for as little as $500 (including voice talent). Narration for short non-broadcast corporate/industrials (5-15 minutes) can also be produced for $500-$1000 in many cases using non-union talent. You can also save money on foreign language projects by doing several languages at the same time.

Audio/Video Post-Production services are billed by the day/week, and usually do not include any 3rd party equipment/studio rental costs (i.e DSR/BetaSP/DigiBeta VTRs etc), tape or dubbing costs, unless otherwise stated. On some indie low budget projects we'll negotiate a flat-fee package, which includes all necessary recording-editing-mixing services for the estimated number of days/weeks needed to complete the entire project. Sound design, ADR, voice over and audio "sweetening" sessions are generally billed on a session or day rate basis, which includes set-up, recording, editing and mixing. Additional fees may be charged for voice talent or session singers/musicians, travel and work outside our studio to our audio/video post partners facilities and equipment rentals. Music composition, supervision & jingles are done on a project basis.

WHAT equipment do you use? Click here to view partial Equipment List. Click here for Studio Tour (QTmov)

HOW quickly can you turnaround a job? All services are subject to engineer/studio availability. Turnaround time varies depending on current projects/bookings and the nature & scope of your job. For an estimate, please complete one of our Online Quote Forms. We work on a project basis and are generally booked 1-2 weeks in advance (esp. Fall & Spring). Accordingly we oftentimes have to pass on smaller jobs, urgent or last minute projects/sessions. Please contact us at least 1 to 2 weeks before your project deadline to ensure studio/personnel availability so that your project can be completed on time.

VOICE OVER Recording & Dubbing Services (Foreign Language)? We can provide the Translation, Voice Talent, Recording Studio & Audio Engineer-Editor/Mixer; everything you need to get the job done right in one place. A good dub starts with an accurate and concise translation. Most foreign languages translate 10-25% more words than English, so literal translations (textbook-documents) won't work for video; you have to paraphrase to fit the picture while striving to maintain the integrity-meaning of the English spoken dialog (or vice versa). All translations are done by native speakers with a thorough command of both their native tongue & the contemporary English language. Unlike Translation companies who out source the actual voice over recording, editing & mixing to the cheapest bidder, all production work is done in-house in our own Pvte. Burbank Studio. The majority of our in-house foreign language voice talent are not only excellent narrators & actors with dubbing experience, but native speakers. You can audition voice talent directly through our web site saving you time & money, or casting-readings can be arrange for an additional fee. Our local voice talent record in our studio using world class pro audio gear to maintain the highest quality and consistency: i.e. EV RE27 broadcast microphone into an Avalon 737sp mic preamp with A/D conversion via high-end Apogee convertors (Rosetta 200), which are recorded into Pro Tools for editing/sync., then mixed via a Yamaha O1V digital mixer with Apogee D/A conversion through JBL LSR 6300 series THX certified monitors. Your audio files can be delivered in a variety of formats or synced to video (QuickTime, DV, s/VHS etc.) in-house. Languages: Spanish, French, German, Swiss German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean & many more. Clients wishing to save money (33-50%) may wish to consider a narrative voice over dub (not lip synced) or sub-titling as an alternate option.

Ed. Note: WARNING - There are many companies on the web with generic sites claiming to provide "foreign dubbing voice services". Some claim to have large pools of native foreign speakers in every conceivable language but have no voice samples available on their web sites for you to audition talent. Others claim "state-of-the-art" studios but have no equipment lists, studio pictures or web video tours (just a guy sitting in front of a cheap PC). Many have no client lists or testimonials & many have no viewable samples of their past work (I've even seen anonymous "quotes" not listing a name or company). Almost nobody publishes their rates. Bottom line, be careful who you deal with; make sure they are who they say they are, know what they're talking about, have done this kind of work before & can deliver the services & quality end-product you need.

WHAT are the basic things you need to get to do audio post for my project?

1) Audio from your picture cut in OMF format or Aiff files (stereo mix or multi mono). We also accept XML & AAF exported files from Final Cut Pro. Voice Over dubs (animation/foreign) require a separated dialog track for syncing i.e. Separate dialog and M&E (music/effects)

2) Video in DV, ProRes QuickTime or H.264 format with burn-in time code (full-screen, low res.). You can also provide us with a Final Cut Pro movie or project on an external firewire drive. Old fashioned Tape (Mini DV or DVCam w/TC) is another option.

3) Script (both hard copy & MS Word doc). * Time Code ref's required for any ADR or voice over dubbing.

4) Notes re recording, editing, noise reduction, "sweetening", sound design/FX, mixing & output formats etc.

5) Music on CDR with cues (time code in/out).

Other Tips: * separate audio dialog track for each main character * QuickTime video required for all voice actors on dub projects *.divide larger projects (features) with 16 or more audio tracks into 2-3 parts.

Useful Links: Open Letter from Sound Department | What Sound Editors need from Picture Editors

HOW do you do DVD Audio commentaries & what are the costs? Basically I will need to get a copy of your Video in the QuickTime format described above and a copy of your Script. A recording session is scheduled with the Actors &/or Director/Producer doing the commentaries, they're miked up and seated in front of an NTSC monitor with headphones and we record their commentaries to picture directly into Pro Tools. Anyone doing a commentary should outline/script their comments to minimize "dead spots". We can stop/re-start as needed and once recording is completed we'll Edit & then Mix the audio (with the original program) to an Aiff file (16or24bit/48k) &/or Dolby AC3 file, which can be placed as an alternate audio track within any DVD authoring program you're using to create your DVD. Costs range from $400-$500 per commentary for recording only, to $1000-$3000 for full recording-editing-mixing-mastering-encoding, depending on the program length. Note: Some older workflows may necessitate output to other tape formats.

DO you have a package rate for a low budget indie film that includes everything? Yes; $3000-$4500 for a 60-90 minute indie film for DVD (est.7.5-10 days @ $400/day). Includes noise reduction, dialog editing, ADR recording, audio sweetening, fx/sound design and mixing for home theatre. Add an extra $500-$1000 for an additional 5.1 surround sound mix for DVD. Music composition & licensing available on request (see above). Actual costs vary depending on production sound quality, adr needs etc. I must review a Web version or DVD with your existing audio & see a annotated Script (adr lines, sweetening notes, music & fx cues, etc.) before I can give anyone an accurate binding quote for complete audio post.

Ed. Note: Those on tight budgets can simply book the time they can afford with a prioritized list of fixes/to-do's and we'll do our best to get as much done as possible within the available timeframe.

Ad. Notes: a) I do not work with 1st time indie film makers, low/no budget Craiglist "grinders" or those wanting something for nothing i.e. deferred pay projects. b) Indie Theatrical releases must be mixed in a larger certified "commercial" audio post house @ clients expense.

CAN you do M&E (music & effects)? Yes I can. I'll need a Cue Sheet for all the music outlining scene lengths, style of music needed etc. You have several options 1) Use existing music from my own library of original Pop/R&B/Dance. 2) License music from Production Libraries such as Megatrax on a pay per use basis (fees vary). 3) I can custom compose music @ $100/cue/minute. I have a large sound library of the most common used Sound Effects that can be altered/changed to produce a "custom" sound. POA.

WHAT is your rate for the 5.1 surround sound package?I have in-house 5.1 mixing packages for DVD (home theatre release) starting at $3000 for a 1 hour program for mix-only or $6000 for complete audio post i.e. adr, dialog editing, adding music & effects, mixing etc. Indie feature film packages range from $4,500-$6000 for non-Theatrical releases to $6,000-$15,000 for Theatrical releases which are pre-mixed in-house and then finished at one of our 3rd party Burbank/Hollywood (THX/Dolby certified ) studio partners .

DO you do video editing? Yes we I do HD multi-cam video editing in Final Cut Pro 7. I can capture/transfer your source video footage, edit it, add transitions & effects, film quality titles & motion graphics (32 bit float render), do basic color correction or advanced grading & standard conversions (NTSC-PAL, DV-SD-HD). Of course we handle all your audio post needs (voice over, music & effects etc.) and can output your finished product to mulipule formats (h.265, Flash, DVD, Blu-Ray, DVCam/MiniDV &/or uncompressed QuickTime on a Firewire Drive. A minimum 1/2 day (4 hour) advanced booking is required for all video editing projects & all services are subject to editor/studio availability.

Notes: Older Tape formats such as Beta SP &/or Digi Beta must either be transferred to MiniDV/DVCam or digitized to QuickTime (ProRes) before I can edit it in-house.

DO you produce corporate videos & commercials? How much would it cost and how long would it take to produce a short 10 minute video featuring a couple of interviews, product displays, some text, a in/out voice over & music? YES I do. Typically your looking at 1/2-Full Day of shooting and a couple of days of post-production (video editing, audio sweetening etc.) on most projects. We've produced short programs for as little as $1,000-$3,000, but prices can vary greatly depending on a number of factors; talent, rentals (lights, mics etc), crew, production values, tape format, motion graphics, stock video footage & music lic. etc. I can shoot & edit almost any format, from DV & HDV to P2 & XDCam to DLSR/H.264 etc. Please contact us for a custom quote.

DO you shoot/edit HD? YES but there are several "flavors" of HD requiring different workflows & equipment. Sony's popular HDV format (FX1/7, Z1/V1) is a compressed (MPEG2) HD format that we can edit natively or use an intermediate codec such as DVCPRO HD, which enables a much faster workflow when compositing. Panasonic's HVX200 shoots 24p DVCPRO HD on solid state P2 cards or direct to a Firestore hard drive, which reduces capture time. Their VariCam also shoots DVCPRO HD at a much higher resolution ("real" HD). Sony's new XDCAM HD & F900 HDCam cameras use higher resolution compression codecs than their HDV line, but they also require an off-line workflow including capture (uncompressed & IC) & on-lining at a Post facility like Alpha Dogs for uncompressed HD output.

HOW much will it cost to convert 1hour video program to DVD? Our "Basic" DVD Packages range from $500-$1000 per project and include capturing source video from HDV, DVCam, Mini DV, s/VHS, Hi-8 etc., MPEG2 encoding (2-pass VBR), Dolby AC3 audio encoding, basic menu creation from client supplied graphics (or choose one of our pre-designed menu themes), menu chapter markers and 2 copies of the master DVD-R disc . Additional charges apply for motion menu design & custom graphics. Turnaround time is 5-10 business days. Our "Professional" DVD Packages for commercial projects range from $1,000-$3,000 for up-to 2 hours of video with graphic & motion menu design, audio level mastering, multiple chapter markers, video (angles) & audio tracks (Stereo, 5.1, commentaries), DVD-R or DLT output, and some extra "goodies". We can also author AVCHD DVD's that playback on most Blue-Ray Players (circa 2010)!

WHAT formats can you encode to and what source media do you accept? Video Encoding Formats: MPEG-2 (DVD), MPEG-1 & 4 (CD-R), QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash & Real Video (WEB). Audio Formats: Dolby AC3, AAC (MPEG4) MP3, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Audio, Flash. Source Media: CDR, DAT, s/VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV, DVCam, HDV, Beta SP* & Digi Beta*. * Additional Dub/VTR charges apply. Min. $100 order. Existing &/or local Clients only. Subject to engineer/studio availabiltiy.

DO you do CD/DVD duplication or tape dubbing? I/We do not do Duplication or Tape Dubbing transfers in-house but are happy to refer our clients to local companies that do like Lightning Dubs or DiscMakers.

DO you work with Adult Content? NO I/we do not work on Adult Content i.e x-rated sexually explicit video.

HOW can I contact you? (phone) Best to shoot me an email; Due to the nature of my work it's very difficult to get me on the phone (I'm either in a session, working on client projects or out of the studio on a shoot). If you're not an existing client, please try emailing me or completing one of our Online Quote Forms before calling. Serious new business calls/inquiries are generally responded to within 1-2 business days, depending on my workload . If you're unable to reach me when you call, please leave a detailed message outlining the specific services you're interested in & the best time to call you back. My number is 818-567-1911. For a faster response, please complete one of our Online Quote Forms or email me your project spec's. Note: I/We do not take calls from private/unlisted or 800/866 numbers or return unsolicited calls from sales people, job seekers or talent). Please call if you need to schedule a meeting, conference call or video chat (iChat/FaceTime/AIM/Skype/Goggle/Yahoo) for an upcoming audio/video project or send requested materials)

DO you produce voice over demos or edit actor reels? just depends on how busy I am. You'll need to have digital video files on DVD or Hard Drive. If you have footage on older tape formats (Beta SP, Digi Beta, 3/4') you will need to transfer the footage to QuickTime video prior to booking (try Lightning Media). Most demos/reels can be edited in 2-4 hours.

DO you accept demo tapes? We only accept Demos from local L.A. based Voice Actors but have more than enough talented people on our roster at this time. About 50% of our VO work is foreign language, so we're always looking for local native speaking Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese & other talent. We are only looking to add a few good local character voices for animation work at this time. If you have animation dubbing experience (English/Spanish), you may send a link to your Demo Reel. Demo's should be in downloadable MP3, AAC or H.264 formats. DO NOT email files as attachments as unsolicited material/submissions are blocked, just provide a link to your Demo.

DO you have any job vacancies? NO I do not employ audio engineers, video editors & the like. Gold Street is an independant production company operating primarily from a private facility and I do most of the Post work myself. Accordingly, I do not offer internships. I do on occasion hire video production staff & cast actors, dancers & musicians for client projects via casting calls on a "as needed" basis.

WHY can't I hear & see your a/v samples? Audio samples are in either MP3 or AAC formats. Videos are either QuickTime H.264 or embedded YouTube. Make sure you have the latest media players installed. Unfortunately Flash video is not supported by Apple on IOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

DO you supply Voice Over Talent for outside projects? No we are not a Voice Talent or Casting Agency per se; We do provide VO Talent/Casting for in-house produced projects & sessions only. I myself, Gloria and Jasmine are available for outside projects as VO Talent if needed.

OTHER Questions? Please email me if you have any other questions you need answered.

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