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Fantasy is a Dance/Pop hit featuring Australian Singer/Dancer Anne Farr. The track was produced by General Groove (aka Eric Michael) with the help of Aria nominated Swoop band member Josh Beagly. In the style of CC Peniston & Cathy Dennis, this song hits both at Radio and on the Dance Club floor. There's an Urban Re-Mix for R&B lovers that brings back the new-jack-swing feel pioneered by guy's like Teddy Riley. The song lyrics depict a young starlet's willingness to do anything to make it in the music/entertainment business. Fantasy is a commentary on an industry that encourages compromise, idolatry, immorality & the selling of one's soul for fame and fortune. Listen | Buy
ARTIST SONG Real Audio sample
Anne Farr Fantasy real audio 44.1
Anne Farr Fantasy - R&B Mix FantasyR&B.rm
Anne Farr Fantasy - Radio Edit (Dance/Pop)
Anne Farr Fantasy - Urban Radio Edit
Anne Farr Fantasy - Pop Instrumental
Anne Farr Fantasy - R&B Instrumental


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