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Video Production + Post


Corporate Video Production (2012): Produced 20min. Family Promise ESFV Corporate Video + Extras. Conducted & Filmed interviews with FPesfv Director Jaci White (Host), Case Manager Art Rosalez, Board Members Marsha Ramos, Mary Adney, Jenny Greene, as well as Host/Support Congregation Leaders incl. Rev. Ross Purdy @ Burbank First Presbyterian, Rev. Richard Garner @ First United Methodist of Glendale, Rabbi Deborah Silver @ Adat Ari El Synagogue, Patrick Dougherty @ Calvary Chapel Burbank & Sr. Regina Palamara, MSC @ St. Finbars Catholic Church (Burbank), and 4 Program Participant interviews. B-Roll + Photos shot on location. Filmed with Canon 7D + GH1 w/Nikon Prime Lens and Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. Sound mixed in Pro Tools. Bonus Extras include full Participant Interview Compilation and Comforters Event Coverage, Please visit Family Promise ESFV website for more information:


PSA/Promo Production (2012): Family Promise ESFV Empty Bowl PSA (60sec.) & Promo (3:16). Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. Promo Interviews & 2012 Event Photos/Video shot with Canon 7D. 2011 Event Photos/Videos shot with Nikon & Panasonic DSLR's. PSA Voice Over by Marsha Ramos, recorded-edited-mixed in Pro Tools. PSA aired on Burbank PEG TV channel. Event info: | 2012 Empty Bowl Photos by Eric Michael Cap

PSA/Promo Production (2012): Family Promise ESFV Box City PSA (60sec.). Shot with Canon 7D & Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. 2011 Event Photos/Videos also shot with Canon 7D. PSA Voice Over by Jaci White, recorded-edited-synced-mixed in Pro Tools. PSA aired on Burbank & Glendale PEG TV channels. Event info: | 2012 Box City Fundraiser Photos by Eric Michael Cap


Event Video Production (2013): Thomas Jefferson Elementary 5th Grade Graduation Video. Multicam shoot & edit for Burbank TJE Boosters Club DVD (TRT = 90 minutes). Tech info: Shot with 2 x Canon 7D's, Canon 6D, Panasonic GH1. Audio - Tascam DR-100 & Zoom H4N. A/V Sync via Plural Eyes. Transcoding - Prelude/AME. Edited & mixed in Adobe Premiere CC. DVD Authoring in DVD Studio Pro. Blu-Ray via Toast Titanium. Additional Cameraman: John Audette & Mike Skillsky.

Event Video Production (2013): All Play Music Spring 2013 Rock Star Concert @ The Mint LA. (TRT = 90 minutes). APM Website: . Tech info: Shot with Canon 7D' & Panasonic GH1. Audio: Zoom H4N. Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro 7. Audio Mastering in Adobe Audition. DVD Authoring in DVD Studio Pro. Blu-Ray via Toast Titanium. Additional Stills Photography by Mike Skillsky.


PSA/Promo Production & Event Photos/Video (2013): Family Promise ESFV Empty Bowl PSA (60sec.) & Web Video Update. Shot with Canon 7D & Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. Event Photos/Videos also shot with Canon 7D. PSA & Web Video narrated by FPesfv Dir. Kimberly Rhodes. PSA aired on Burbank & Glendale PEG TV channels. Event info: | 2013 Empty Bowl Photos by Eric Michael Cap

Video Production (2012): Councilman Dr. David Gordon Holiday Message (1:30 TRT). Introduction by Marabina Jaimes. Shot with Canon 7D & Sennheiser wireless lav mic @ Burbank City Hall. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. Audio clean-up in Adobe Audition CS6 w/Izotope RX. Web encoding in Adobe Media Encoder (AME).

Video Production (2012): Bob Frutos for Burbank City Council - Interview (60min.) featuring Bob Frutos. Shot with Canon 7D, Panasonic GH1 (w/Nikon 50mm/f1.8) & Sennheiser wireless lavs. Edited in Adobe Premiere CS6. Color Correction in SpeedGrade. Audio clean-up in Avid Pro Tools w/Izotope RX. Web encoding in Adobe Media Encoder. Full interview & segments by topic.


Commercial Production (2011): Family Promise ESFV Empty Bowl PSA (60sec.) featuring Marsha Ramos. Shot with Panasonic GH1 & Edited in Final Cut Pro. VO recorded in Pro Tools. PSA aired on Burbank PEG TV channel.Event info: | 2011 Family Promise ESFV Empty Bowl Photos

Music Video & Commercial Production (2009/10) for Dariush Peykar. Produced/Edited 3 Music Videos and 12 Commercial Promos broadcast in 2010 (Tapesh TV, Radio Javan etc.). Written, Directed & Edited by Eric Michael Cap in Final Cut Studio, incl. FCP 7 Multi-cam HD Edting, Motion graphics, Color grading, Compressor encoding & DVD Authoring. Shot with Sony EX-1 and Panasonic HVX-200/a HD Cameras.
Links: Dariush Peykar YouTube Channel; Color Demo Reel
samples: Ye Gooleh Atish color. Valla Bella color,

Corporate/Commercial Video Production (2011): Produced Corporate Video (4:30), Promo (1:35) & Client Testimonial (60sec) for New-Pipe Plumbing Hydro Jet Service. Shot with Panasonic (GH1) & Nikon HDSLR's and edited in Final Cut Pro 7.


Video Production (2009): Heath Care PSA in support of a Public Option written & co-produced by Robert Phipps. Motion Graphics by Eric Michael Cap (FCS/Motion 3).Voice Over narration recorded, edited & mixed by Eric in Pro Tools 8.VO Actors - Robert G. Phipps & Marsha Ramos. Disclaimer: Client projects do not constitute an endorsement for a product, service, individual or organization, incl. The Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare.

Video Editing, Motion Graphics & DVD (2009) for Street Corner Dreams Promo videos hosted by Brian Fortuna (Dancing with the Stars) and Cheryl Landon (Michael's daughter). Heartfelt clips for local non-profit group looking to build a performing arts center for kids. Edited in Final Cut Pro & Motion (graphics/titles) with Digital Juice products. Total editing time = 1 week.

samples: scd mission, kids interview, dvd menu

Videography (2011): Event Videography for Thomas Jefferson Elementary School's "Jefferson Jams" concert produced by Neighborhood Rock School. Shot with Canon 7D (w/17-55mm/f2.8 IS USM) & Panasonic GH1 (w/Nikon 35-70mm). Special thanks to Mike Skillsky (2nd Canon 7D Coverage) & Fred Massabki (GH1 CamOp) . Video Edited for DVD by Bruce Blackstone. All proceeds used towards Arts Education @ TJE School.
Click link for TJE Halloween Parade Video Hightlights |
Click link for Event Photos

DRM Video Editing & Audio Post for 30 minute TV Infomercial for Speed Spanish by National Dynamics. Multi-cam DV editing in Final Cut Pro HD with additional graphics & titles c/o Photoshop. Digital Juice stock video footage, lower 3rds & motion backgrounds. Sound editing & audio mixing in Pro Tools through JBL LSR (THX certified) monitors. Flash animation by Bryan Evans; Voice over by Alex Verde. Produced by Jody Ahrens for Proven Concepts Inc., IA. Infomercial aired on cable TV in 2005/6. samples: Infomercial Intro. Commercial QT@320.

Corporate Video Editing (Final Cut Pro) for Parsons, a Pasadena, CA based Engineering, Construction, Design & Project Management Corporation. Edited 2 Corporate Videos titled; "Parsons Overview" & "Timekeeping", incorporating DV footage with Photos, Graphics, Digital Juice "Jumpbacks" & Library Music.
samples: Parsons Overview QT@480. Timekeeping QT@320.

Video Production, Editing & Audio:(2002) Produced 3 X 10-20 min. Corporate Video projects with Phil Myers for Whittaker Controls and Meggitt PLC, including Aerospace product sales, services & defense contract related programs. Video shoot & editing (FCP), voice over, audio mix & encoding! Flash c/o The Style Group. Stock footage c/o Dept. of Defence. Shot with 3CCD Panasonic DV Camera.

samples: Defence video. MRO intvw. Factory intvw.

Video Editing & DVD: (2006): Edited 21 minute Corporate Video for Burbank based Crane Aerospace 2006 President's OPEX address. Client provided raw video edited in Final Cut Pro. Motion Graphics design & DVD authoring (DVDSP). samples: Video intro. DVD menu.

Commercial Video Production (2005-6): Produced 2 x 30 sec. TV commercials for the successful campaign of Dr. David Gordon for City Council in Burbank's 2006 Special Election. Spots aired on Charter Cable (Burbank): CNN (66), HLN (67), FOXNews (68), CNBC (69), MSNBC (70), HGTV (72), TLC (44), FOXSW (60), FX, Bravo, History and CourtTV. Also produced 2 minute issue-based Message To Voters aired during a City Council meeting on Burbank PEG Channel 6.
sample: Cable TV Commercial (QuickTime)
Disclaimer: Client projects to not constitute an endorsement for a product, service, individual or organization.

Video Editing, Production & Graphic Design (2009): Multimedia services for Burbank City Council candidate Barbara Sharp. Video production/editing of informal 20 minute "conversation" video for client's website/youtube. Shot in SD with Sony PD150 & edited in Final Cut Pro. Edited Ms. Sharp's responses to questions posed at League of Woman Voters sponsored Candidates Forum. Graphic Design & copy for two page Election Flyer. Editing/encoding videoclip of Ms. Sharp speaking at Burbank City Council meeting on film permit fee waivers, home occupations and economic stimulus ideas.

samples: Informal Conversation video, LWV Forum video, Council Film Permit Talk video, Election Flyer.

Disclaimer: Due to current Burbank filming restrictions that require a $350 film permit to be paid when using professional film lighting & external audio gear (incl. lavs), none were used in the making of this low budget promotional video.

Tai Lewis EPK. (2007-8). Music Video Production, Editing, DVD. Includes 30 minute interview & 3 Music Videos currently in Post-Production. Scripting, shooting, video editing & compositing in Final Cut Studio. Shot on DV with 2 x 3CCD Cameras (Sony PD150 & Panasonic AG-EZ50). Lighting: 2 x 500w PhotoFlex 24"x32" Soft Boxes, Lowel Pro Light, Westcott 5-1 Reflector, 1000w 3200k worklights, Botero 10'x16' Green Screen. Audio: 2 x Sennheiser ME-2 Lav. Mics (1 wired + 1 wireless G2/EW112). . Click here for more snapshots. DVD menu sample | DVDSPsc

Video/DVD (2003). Multi-cam editing (Final Cut Pro) and DVD authoring (DVDSP) of 2 hour awards program featuring over a dozen exciting dance performances. Produced Voice Overs for 2 accompanying commercials. Features selections, award highlights & slideshow. DVD's & VHS tapes can be purchased @ samples: -

Video/DVD (2003). Video Editing (client supplied footage) & DVD Authoring of Amanda McBroom Concert @ Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. DAT Audio synced & mastered. Created 2 DVD's; 1 of Solo set & 1 Duet set with guest Rodney Gilfry. QTmovie

Video Production: U.S. Casting & Coordination for Protea Textware Pty Ltd. (Aust.) English Learning Video "Issues" (ESL & EFL, Literacy, ABE). Auditions: Voice Actor casting, videotaping & encoding screen tests, booking soundstage, crew, rentals etc. Shot in NoHo with Panasonic DVX100A PAL (3 CCD) Mini DV Camera, Sony ECM-77 Lavs.Samples: CDRom_Sue & Jennifer_Tech,
Behind The Scenes movie.

Video Editing & DVD (2006) for L.A. based British Film Animator Karen Halliwell. Transcoded PAL material edited in Final Cut Pro. NTSC DVD Reel contains Character and Creature modeling samples.

QuickTime samples: Character reel. Creature reel.

Video Editing & DVD Reel (2006) for actress Forbes Riley aka the "Julia Roberts of Infomercials" (CBS News). Condensed scenes from her starring role in Fashion House pilot (series airs on UPN13).

Links: FH Reel. DVD Menu.

Video Editing - VoiceOver - DVD for L.A. indie music label Flockers Entertainment. EPK (Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Photoshop, iDVD).

QuickTime samples: DVD intro, BIOedit_cable/dsl. BIOedit_56k.

DVD Authoring

DVD Production for Megatrax Production Music NAB 2006 Promo DVD. Editing & encoding (MPEG2) of TV Promos (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW), Commercials, Movie Trailers & Corporate Video music library useage. Motion & still menu design, text animation & audio level mastering.

DVD Production for NAB 2005 promo for Megatrax Production Music. MPEG2 Encoding of 50 TV promos (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, VH1, HBO), commercials, tv/film, corporate & radio music useage clips. Motion & still menu design, audio & video editing, audio level mastering, QT web encoding.
Samples: NBC: Apprentice, Fear Factor. CBS: Cold Case, Survivor. VH1. Incredibles. UPN/Dominos

DVD (2003). Authoring Strunz & Farah DVD (music) for Selva Inc., featuring Stereo PCM & 5.1 audio mixes, interviews, photo gallery & discography. The Live Concert DVD can be purchased directly from the S&F website.

DVD authoring (DVDSP) for IntraTherapies.corporate DVD. Menu design, video capture, encoding and voice over recording. Features Doctor interviews, sky radio interview with CEO & TV commercials.

DVD Authoring for L.A. Actor / Musician Jeremiah Harris Demo Reel. Video Editing in Final Cut Pro, Audio Post in Logic Pro, Photo Editing in PhotoShop & DVD Authoring in DVD Studio Pro.

Audio Post

(see also Indie Film Audio/Video Post Projects below)

Voice Over Recording, M&E Editing & Mixing (2008): Obama 44 - 30 sec. spec spot written, produced & narrated by Robert Phipps. Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics created by Ronald Harris. Ad produced for's "Obama in 30 seconds" competition. Recorded and mixed in Logic Pro with EV-RE27 Mic. - Avalon 727sp Pre-amp - Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D Convertor - Digi 002R Audio I/O - Mac G5 & JBL LSR 2.1 Monitor system. sample: Obama 44 (youtube)
* Project does not constitute an endorse-ment for

Mixing - TV Commercials. Mixed (in Pro Tools) 2 X 30 second commercials for Retribution CD by L.A. rap group Survivalist, on Slave Entertainment label. Directed by Alula Andemicael for Meroni Pictures. Spot#1 aired on MTV October (2004). QTSpot1. QTspot2.

Audio Editing & Mixing: Pro Tools editing and mixing for a Marketing Executive Online Forum produced by Kern Direct. Additional Voice Over recordings were also done in-house with a Neumann U87 & NT2. QT: K1 - K2 - K3 | RM: K1 - K2 - K3

Voice Over & ADR

Voice Over Recording (2008) - California Heartland KVIE Channel 6 Sacramento (PBS Affiliate). Various programs to be aired this Fall.

Orchard Wrangler.m4a (Stephanie O'Neill)
Wohlford Ranch.m4a (Jennifer Quinonez)
Hayground Organic Gardening.m4a (Jennifer Quinonez)
Starting Over - Dan & Enedina Lammers.m4a (Jennifer Quinonez)
Family Farm Survival.m4a (Jennifer Quinonez)

Voice Over Recording (2008) - You're Not The Man I Married Green Inc.TV & Film (U.K.) produced BBC TV Show narrated by Patrick Kielty. VO to Pic. for Show 5 "Marion & Norman" & Show 6 "Stephen & Collen". Recorded in Pro Tools. samples (raw audio takes): YNTMIM#5_take02. YNTMIM#6_take01. PT session snap: Show 5. Studio Picture*.

ADR Recordist (2010) - Coulda, Woulda Shoulda for U.K. based London Dreams Motion Pictures with L.A. Actress Scottie Thompson. Recorded in Pro Tools with Neumann U87 & Shotgun Mic. PT Session uploaded directly to Client in U.K. for editing/sync. Feature Film directed by Jackie Jhai scheduled for theatrical release in 2011. Edited by Ian Seymour.
samples (raw audio take) U87 take115

ADR Recordist (2011) - THE EVE for Italian based Luca Palmerini with Actors Steve Geiger, Matthew Haddad & Gary S. Dannenbaum. Seperate sessions recorded in Avid Pro Tools with Neumann U87 & Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic. PT Sessions uploaded via ftp directly to Client in Italy for editing/sync. Short Film (Thriller) scheduled for release Christmas 2011.

samples (raw audio takes) Steve (Dad), Matthew (Child), Gary (Santa)

ADR Recording ENG (2013): "Ain't No Sunshine" - Indie Short Film by Gerald Devotta. VO Recording of small cast of 4 Actors in Pro Tools 9.

Animation VO Recording ENG (2012): "Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy" Short for Steven Campbell. VO Recording (+/FX) for Animation in Pro Tools. Featuring the voices of Eric Wibbelsmann, Jonathan le Billon &
Danielle McRae. Additional voices by Steven Campbell & Eric Michael Cap. Website: .

Audio Commentaries for USA's The Invisible Man seasons 1 & 2 DVD's were recorded & mixed by Eric Michael Cap (2002). The DVD's were released by the U.K. based Contender Entertainment in 2003 & also contain interviews with show cast members shot by Eric (3 CCD Panasonic DV Cam). Samples:- QT Video: Cast1 | IM1 | IM2 . Real Audio: IMweb | IMshannon

Voice Over & Audio: Recording, audio editing, sound design, mixing & mastering 3 CD set for Advanced Bionics, whose clients include Rush Limbah. samples: introduction, story1, story2, technical
Voice Over Recording for Precision SCS web video, the first long-lasting, rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system.QTsample | webpage
Voice Over Recording for HiResolution Bionic Ear System corporate video. mp3 sample | Bionic Ear website

Voice Over Narration (2005-06) - Man's Dominion: A Documentary produced by Michelle De Long for Mimi Productions, Chicago, IL. Narrated by John Doe (X). Thought provoking film deals with animal rights. Click here to view Trailer & other clips.
John Doe PT session sample_MP3 (unedited)

Voice Overs (2003) - Vaccines / Las Vacunas. Recorded 2 X 30 sec. Television PSA's and 2 X 60 sec. Radio PSA's for The Texas Dept. of Health in English & Spanish with in-house voice talent (Rich B. & Gloria Q--C). Video produced by L.A. based Fortis Films.

Video Samples: EngTV - EspTV

Voice Over Recording (2002). - The Knight at Dawn, Knowledge Kids Network. Voice narration & character voices recorded in Nuendo for interactive LeapPad Book produced by Leap Frog.

Narration samples: clip1, clip2. Character samples: knight3

click right image to see book

Voice & Audio (2003): Wizard Kwiggle childrens audio programs (5). Recording 6 character voice actors, Pro Tools editing, TCE, sound design & mixing. Intro - Humpty - Space Voice Over Recording (2004) Dwayne Arvinger, Verdict Ent. Children's Music Recording Artist. Commentary re the making of "Hangin' out with my Baby" for EPK & promo use. Recorded in Pro Tools with a EV RE27 & Avalon 737.

Spanish / Foreign Language Voice Over & Dubbing Projects


Animation Dubbing (2012-13): Health Nuts Media "Asthma", "Diabetes" & "Common Conditions" Video series. Voice Actor Casting (10), Spanish Translations, VO Recording/Dubbing, Editing/Syncing & Mixing in Pro Tools. Additional Translations for DVD Covers, Web video descriptions & Closed Captioning. Additional VO Dubbing in 2013 incl. 3 short videos for ABC's of Health Literacy series and "Don't You Dare Eat That" (4:24) in partnership with Boston Children's Hospital (see above video).

Asthma (27:21) Diabetes (26:46) Common Conditions (49:37)
Intro to Asthma What is Diabetes? * Anesthesia
Signs & Symptoms What is Type 1 Diabetes? * Appendicitis
The Examination What is Type 2 Diabetes? * Bronchitis
Diagnosis Blood Glucose Monitoring Cancer
Triggers Eating & Exercise Dehydration
Rescue & Maintenance Medicines Diabetes Control Epilepsy
How Asthma Medicines Are Taken Life With Diabetes Fractures
Postoperative Infections
* denotes also in Common Conditions Vaccines

Animation Dubbing (2011): What Is Health Research (10:15) for Health Nuts Media. Voice Actor Casting, VO Recording/Dubbing, Editing & Mixing in Pro Tools. Click here to view the finished Animated Video.

Animation dubbing for Angel Wars, produced by TeleStory TOONS & EMI Christian Music. 30 min. Spanish dub recorded, edited & mixed in Pro Tools + In-house translation & casting. Voices: Gina Kurowski, David Marroquin, Gloria Q-C, John Flores, Guillermo & Tera Lecuona. DVD available @

Angel Wars samples: Gina/John (Kira/Shadow) * Gina/Dave (Kira/Eli) * Dave2/Gina2 (Norman/Muriel) * Dave (Eli) * Gloria/John (Cubas/Shadow) * Dave2/Gloria2 (Norman/Victoria) * Guillermo & Tera (Michael & Arriana) * John2 (Morg) - Group Scene (Paladin/Kira/Eli/Michael) * Final Scene.(Kira/Eli/Michael) * Intro.Narr.(GL)

Spanish Dub, Titles & DVD - Nikken. Spanish Dub & Narration for 2 for Nikken's "Wellness Home" DVD. Numerous onscreen presenters & client testimonials recorded using in-house voice actors, then edited & synced to picture in Pro Tools. Music & effects added then mixed & mastered. Created Spanish titles / graphics in Final Cut Pro & output to DVD. 14 individual videos with a TRT of 73 minutes. samples:Thalasso (10mb) Aqua (11mb) Sleep (5mb) Fitness (6mb) Cardio (12mb) Nikken_Facts (34mb)
Voice Over - Nikken. Spanish voice overs for 2 CDs' for O.C. based network marketing company. Features Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Pilzer, Nikken Exec's and various client testimonials (espanol). samples: Nikken intro, Herman_Zig, Rene_Rob, Dave_Pilzer, Armando_Cho.

Voice Over & Audio Post: We've wrapped up 2 video projects for the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau in Spanish & Japanese. Project incl.- VO recording, editing, mixing and audio post.

click thumbnails above for QuickTime samples
Voice Over & Audio Post. Several projects with Global Language Solutions for Oakland Int'l Airport, Boeing, GE Rotoflow have been completed by Eric Michael Cap. Projects entailed voice over recording, editing & mixing foreign language versions of corporate industrials in Spanish, French, Japanese & Korean. Click here for samples: OaklandAir-Fra , Airport-Esp , GERoto-Esp, Boeing Sea Launch Commander & Odyssey-Jap .

Translations. Gloria has translated (Spanish to English) 30 videos from HONDA South & Central America for Martin Brinkerhoff Assoc., as well as transcription and consulting at editing sessions @ Matchframe Video (2003/4).

Voice Over (Spanish) recording for "Motherhood by Choice, not Chance", a Documentary by EMMY winning, OSCAR-nominated filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman. Guest Spanish Narration by Delores Huerta & dubbing by Rene Navarro & Sharon Alsina. Film featured on The Power of Choice DVD. Project co-ordinated by Robert King (EMMY winner) for Concentric Media.
Disclaimer: Client projects do not constitute an endorsement for a product, service, individual, organization or cause.

Spanish Voice Over Dubbing & Translation for Gano Excel (USA) Sales Training Video produced by Rodney Mitchell - Greenleaf Street Productions. Spanish translation for video dub (7200 words). Voice Over Recording (looping to picture) of primary actor, as well as female testimonials. Audio Editing / Sync., TCE & mixing of 45 minute program done in Nuendo (Mac).

Sample:, EspDub.wmv. Testimonials: Herman - Gloria - Karen

Indie Film Audio/Video Post Projects

Audio Post (2004) Sir Real a 90 minute indie feature film written & directed by Arch Brown. Noise reduction, sound design, sweetening & mixing in Nuendo. Sir Real QuickTime before - after Audio samples (approx. 15 seconds)
Disclaimer: Client projects to not constitute an endorsement for a product, service, individual or organization.

Audio Post (2003) Karma Wheel, a short film by Austin Alward. Edited & mixed in Nuendo by Eric Michael. The 35mm film was screened at the Sacramento Film Festival on August 8th, 2003. audio sample

Audio Post (2003) The Symposium; a 95 min. feature film written & directed by Michael Wurth for Scriptwise Partners. Dialog editing, adr recording, noise reduction, audio sweetening & mixing (Film + promo). The film is a modern day adaptation of Plato's work exploring the definition of love. Shot on 24p DV & edited in Final Cut 4. Scriptwise promo

Audio Post + (2002) Seal Island; a 45 minute Documentary about the Great White Sharks off South Africa's coast by Todd Ulmer. Narration recording, audio editing & mixing by Eric Michael in Pro Tools, Nuendo & FCP The short film has been screened at the Long Beach Aquarium. Samples:- Shark-hi.rm, Sharklo.rm, VO+pic, VOonly.

Narration (2003). Boy & Dog, a 2 hour feature film by Rod Bradley for Streetlight Cinema. Pro Tools recording session with lead actor.

Audio Post (2002): ADR, sound design, dialog editing and mixing for a short film starring Malik Yoba (New York Undercover).

Audio/Video Post (2000): Almost Too Late: An indie film directed by Eddie Chitate. Video captured (low res) from Beta SP, clips logged & sequenced by scene/take, Off-line Editing, FX & transitions, credits, cutting promo Trailer, rendering, EDL export & web encoding Audio recorded from DAT, manually synced to picture & and edited in Pro Tools. ADR recorded & edited, sound design done & film mixed. Original music written & produced by Eric Michael (aka General Groove). QuickTime Video Samples:- End monologue, Dream seq, Morning groove, Phone fantasy, So Good music video, Love Stinks poem, Adult Games, Romance.rm,

Actor Demo Reels (Shoot & Edit)



Misc. Production credits



Music Production & Post

IN PRODUCTION: Calling From The Dream - Gospel Musical Soundtrack inspired by the Book of Revelation. Eric is currently composing & producing music for an inspiring musical theatre production directed by David L. Morehead. The music is being written, recorded & mixed entirely in Apple's Logic Studio. Music styles encompassed in the production range from Christian Pop/Rock, to Gospel/R&B to Dance/Electronic. Click here for music samples and production notes for this unique project.
Music Production. Eric Michael Cap Co-Produced remixes of "Melrose Place" and "Beverly Hills 90210" for "TV Hit's of the 90's" on Supa Records, a division of Passport Productions. Midi programming/pre-production was done in Cubase VST & Pro Tools. The CD is available for sale @ Check out these real samples:- 1.Melrose Place 2.Beverly Hills 90210
Mastering (2004) - Nathan Sassover
"Interior States"
Inhabit Music.
Pro Tools Editing and Mastering 3 CD set of "Live" Improv. Piano (Yamaha C7 & Bossendorfer) performed by renown TV/Film composer. 17 DATs edited to 43 tracks.
CD1Tr 01
CD1Tr 07

CD2Tr 07

CD3Tr 01
CD3Tr 04
CD3Tr 12

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