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GENERAL GROOVE is a compilation of up & mid-tempo R&B based songs written, produced & performed by General Groove (aka Eric Michael). The CD features special guest vocal appearances by Laurice Monica*, LaShawna, Nicci Bates, Rosy Morales & others."General Groove" is available for sale by special order or individual tracks maybe purchased / downloaded in iPod compatibale AAC format. Preview mp3 samples below &/or visit the GSE Label Store to buy. Drop us a line and let us know your favorites tracks. Enjoy! - emc

* Laurice Monica tracks co-written by David Coe



VOCALIST(s) SONG STYLE Real Audio MP3 samples AAC Music only
Laurice Monica It's A Funky Thang R&B/POP n/a Radio Ext.Club sample
Laurice Monica Honey Is That True R&B/POP n/a Honey sample
Laurice Monica Watchin' The City R&B/POP n/a City sample
LaShawna Only You R&B/POP OnlyYou OnlyYou sample
Nicci Bates Miss America R&B/POP MsUSA MSUSA sample
Rosy Morales Into The Nite DANCE/POP In2Nite M8Bd Nite NiteM8 sample
Rosy Morales Bye Bye Baby POP/Electro ByeBaby ByeBaby sample
Jawanni So Good R&B/GOSPEL SoGood SoGood sample
Kim Milner Never Too Much R&B/GOSPEL Never2Much Never2Much sample
Fred Milner My Sweet Thang R&B/POP SweetThang Sweet SwTrx sample
Anne Farr Fantasy DANCE/POP Fantasy FantasyM8 sample
General Groove Let's Party DANCE/POP PartyGGRap Partytrx sample
General Groove T.L.C. POP/R&B TLC TLC1 sample
General Groove That's Why I Luv U R&B/RAP ThatsWhy ThatsWhy sample

MUSIC ONLY tracks produced by Eric Michael (General Groove) are in QuickTime .mov format encoded with Dolby's AAC codec.You need Apple's QuickTime6 to hear the samples.Click QuickTime6 link to download their FREE PLAYER: Apple QuickTime6


LaShawna Only You (Remix) POP/R&B OnlyYou2 OnlyUHKout. n/a
Anne Farr Fantasy (Remix) R&B/POP FantasyR&B FantasyM8. n/a
General Groove I Wanna B Down with God (demo) GOSPEL IWBDWG sample
General Groove I Just Wanna Luv Ya (demo) POP/R&B IJWLY IJWLY02 sample
General Groove Sex? Not! (demo) R&B/RAP Sex?Not!. SEX?Not! sample
Keith Bonner Girl R&B/GOSPEL Girl. Girl. sample

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