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In 1996 GSE began a series of Songwriter Critiques and Showcases to develop & promote new talent. GSE's 4 standing-room-only New York shows included the largest Songwriter Showcase on the East Coast (800 people @ Tramps in October), headlined by Boston's Eye To Eye. GSE expanded in 1997 and hosted 2 successful West Coast Showcases at the Upside Down Club (the old China Club) in Hollywood. "New York Undiscovered" is a Best of compilation; There's something for everyone; Pop, R&B, Alternative/Rock, Adult/Christian Contemporary. The CD is a great gift for family & friends of all ages and is available at a special introductory price of $10. Listen | Buy
ARTIST SONG Music Samples
Rod Clemmons Talk To Me Talk2Me.mp3
LaShawna Only You OnlyYou.mp3
Chris Koch Paris By Ferris Wheel ParisByFerrisWheelParis.mp3
Jessica Corbett Love Me Right LuvMeRight.rm
Jeni Englund My 2 Minds My2Minds.rm
Rod Clemmons That's What Love Is ThatsWhatLuvIs.mp3
Thea Bashful I Have Found The One IveFoundTheOne.rm
Mike Faltin High Bright, Starry Night HighBright.rm
Phil Lester Midnight Rain MidnightRain.rm
Infradig Buried Alive BuriedAlive.rm
Jeni Englund Freedom Freedom.mp3


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