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M I X I N G . S e r v i c e s

Apple Logic, Pro Tools & Cubase sessions

Garage Band, DP, Sonar projects (via OMF)

5.1 Surround Sound & Upmixing (2.0-5.1)

Vocal Editing/Comping & Pitch Correction

CD/DVD Mastering & Encoding (AC3/AAC)

Project back-up as per NARAS guidelines

M I X I N G . T o o l s

DAW's: Apple Logic Studio, Pro Tools 10/11/12*

Plug-ins: Waves SSL-API-Renaissance, Massey

Monitors: JBL LSR4328 + 6312 Sub + 6325p x 5

D/A Convertors: Apogee Rosetta 200, Digi 002R

DAW Controller-Mixer: Mackie Control Pro + XT

Recorders/Decks: Lacie d2 DVD, Sony DAT/HD

MIX Packages
MIX Packages (in-house) DEMO-Songwriter MASTER-Indie Artist MASTER-Indie/Major Label
Project Rates (typical drop-off) $200-$250 $250-$500 $500-$750+
Hourly Rates (client present/overs) $40 $50 $60
Tracks # in session (max.) 24-32 32-64 64-128+
Hours # per mix (average) 3-5 5-8 8-12+
Vocal Editing &/or Pitch Correction Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Multiple Mixes (incl. Instrumentals) 1 2-3 3-4
Mastering (Pre or Final) Pre Pre &/or Final Pre &/or Final
Mix Delivery Sample rates (typical) 16bit/44.1k 16 & 24bit @ 44.1k 16 & 24bit @ 44.1k-96k
Back-up Session to CDR/DVD Yes Yes Yes (NARAS standard)
Web Encoding (w/ ID tags) mp3/aac @ 128k mp3 or aac @ 192k-256k mp3 & aac @ 256k-320k
Free Revisions (drop-off's only) 1 (+$40/hr) 2 (+$50/hr) 3 (+$60/hr)
Session Rentals (Pro Tools HD3) N/A N/A Yes ($POA)

* Mix project rates subject to song review. Drop-off-Web-Mail project only until further notice. See FAQ's for details.

MIX Samples (recent)

Music Style Tempo AAC/MP3 Samples * denotes Music Track only #
R&B/Gospel Ballad I Can't Get Enough of Loving You 1
R&B/Gospel Ballad Look What Your Love Has Done 2
Pop/Funk Up-Tempo It's A Funky Thang 3
Pop/R&B Up-Tempo Somebody 4
Pop/CC Up-Tempo Can't Face The Day 5
Pop/R&B Up-Tempo Spread It All Over 6
Pop/R&B Mid-Tempo Watchin The City 7
Pop/Persian Mid-Tempo Song #2 (working title) 8
Pop/CC Up-Tempo Victory Song* 9
Dance/CC Up-Tempo Babylon* 10
Pop/CC Mid-Tempo I Am Not Afraid.m4a* 11
Pop/AC Ballad Calling From The Dream.m4a* 12

* Click Here for more MIX Samples
Logic session1 Logic session2 Logic session3
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MIX Methodology

Technology now enables anyone with some money, ideas & talent (hopefully) to record their own songs at home. However, most people doing so lack the necessary technical skills, experience, equipment & environment to turn their ideas into finished "master-quality" recordings ready for CD, Radio &/or TV/Film use. A Professional Mix Engineer can take your raw tracks and greatly enhance them so that they sound comparable to what you hear on the radio, assuming the song, musicianship & vocal performance are all there to begin with.

Mixing is the next-to-last step in the song making process, where audio fixes and enhancements are done on individual tracks; i.e. drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals etc. Some projects may require additional editing &/or vocal tuning as part of the mixing process. A typical mix session lasts 3-5 hours per song, though this can change based upon the number of tracks being mixed & needed fixes (pitch correction, sound replacement etc.). Large sessions (48 tracks of more) may take a full day or more to mix. Clients are welcome to attend the mix session but most prefer to drop-off or ship their sessions, thus saving considerable time & money (Note: Client attended sessions always take longer & end up costing more).

Once your session is received, your tracks are carefully listened to and EQ, Level & Panning adjustments are made, along with any needed Compression. Reverbs, delays & other FX are added as needed using a variety of world-class plug-ins from Waves (SSL-API-RenMaxx ), Massey, IK etc. In some instances sounds are replaced or added. Most of my mix sessions are now done within Apple's Logic Pro or Digidesign's Pro Tools, depending on the DAW your project was recorded in and track counts. I monitor through JBL LSR 4300 $ 6300 series monitors (THX certified) tuned via JBL's room mode correction system (RMC™), utilizing an Apogee Rosetta 200 for D/A conversion. Automation is written via a 16 fader Mackie DAW Controller (MCU Pro + Ext.) and we have full & instant recall of all projects. The final mix is played back for review through a variety of other speaker systems including classic Tannoy PBM 6.5 monitors, JBL Northridge floor-standing speakers powered by a Harmon Kardon AVR-635 Amp, and a variety of consumer multimedia systems (Harmon/JBL, Apple iPod, Car etc.), to ensure your mixes translate well. Once finalized, the client is given a reference CD or emailed a high-resolution MP3/AAC file (256k) for review/approval and then pre-mastered &/or mastered tracks are burned on a "Red Book" complaint CD Master or transferred to DAT for CD replication.

Mix projects/sessions must be booked several days or weeks in advance, so please contact us well a head of time, even before you finish recording &/or your own "rough" mixes. For the best possible results, you should provide us with your session files on CDR/DVD, a tracking sheet with mix notes and a few reference tracks in the same musical style. To book a mix project or schedule a session, please Click Here.

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