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LaShawna's "Only You" is a product of GSE's New York series of Songwriter/ Artist Workshops & Showcases. Written & Produced by Eric Michael (a.k.a. General Groove), this R&B/Soul jam puts LaShawna in the urban spotlight with R&B diva's like Brandy & Monica. With a vocal sound that's been compared with Mary J. Blige, LaShawna sings about love and life over The General's funky mid-tempo groove. The song is featured in the Indi Film "Jack & Lisa" , and included on the "New York Undiscovered" CD. 6 mixes are included on this CD-MaxiSingle and a Live Video from LaShawna's Showcase appearance at NYC's Planet 28 will be available this Fall. Listen | Buy
LaShawna Only You OnlyYou.MP3
LaShawna Only You - Pop Remix OnlyUremix.rm
LaShawna Only You - Bass Mix
LaShawna Only You - Dance Remix
LaShawna Only You - Instrumental
LaShawna Only You - Bass Instrumental
LaShawna Only You - Pop Instrumental


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