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Music Production & Mixing Packages

Artist Song Master &/or Remixes:- from $1000 per track. Includes 20 hours Studio/Production time , 24bit/44.1k recording of 48-64 audio tracks, mastering & web encoding. For indie artist releases!

Indie/Major Label Song Master &/or Remixes:- from $1500 per track. Includes 24-30 hours Studio /Production, session players, 24bit recording of 64-128 audio tracks, multiple mixes & mastering.

Flat-Rate Mixing (drop-off/mail):- $300 for 24-32 tracks, $500 for 32-48 tracks, $750+ for 48-64 tracks. Accept Pro Tools session files and Apple Logic Pro projects in their native file formats. Also Logic Express & Garage Band, as well as Nuendo, Cubase, Digital Performer &/or Sonar via OMF. Mixing & Pre-Mastering (no dubs, editing, pitch-correction etc.) 1 Free revision then hourly rates apply. (*+$250 for PTHD mix sessions/projects).

Songwriter Demos:- from $500 per song. Includes 12 hours for music track production, recording vocals & mixing. Full 24-48 track production and free web encoding (AAC/MP3). Great for song pitches!

Hourly-Block-Day Rates for Recording & Mixing

In-House Recording & Mixing: $40-$50/hr* (weekdays) - $50-$60/hr (evenings/weekend).

In-House Recording & Mixing blockrate: $160-$200 - 4 hrs. Day blockout: $320-$400 - 8 hrs.

Freelance Mixing (ProTools &/or Logic sessions): $320-$400 per 8hr day plus Studio Costs.

Mastering: $50 p/h. $50 per song. $300-$500 per CD. 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing: $500/day.

Music + Photo + Video Packages Songwriter * Artist **(Indie) Label*** (Indie/Major)
Music Production: Music+Vocals+Mix $500 $1000 $1500+
Music Video Production: Shoot & Edit $1500 $3000 $5000+
Photo Session (incl. Photo Editing) $250 $500 $750
Song Cover Art & Website Design $250 $500+ $750+
Web Single Release - iTunes $50 $50 $50
Opt. Extras: Artist Interview, EPK, Live Show video, CD $POA $POA $POA
$2500 $5000 $7500+
Music Production Packages (in-house) Songwriter * Artist **(Indie) Label*** (Indie/Major)
Full Production Costs: Music+Vocals+Mix $500 $1000 $1500+
Music Track only Cost $250 $500 $750+
Session Vocalists / Musicians Costs + +$150ea +$150ea +$150-$300ea
Vocal Editing & Pitch Correction Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Mix Revisions # 1 (+$40/hr) 2 (+$50/hr) 3 (+$60/hr)
Mastering Pre Yes Yes
Mixes (Vocal, BVox, Instr., Acc) Vocal+Instr. Vocal+BVox+Instr. Vocal+BVox+Instr.+Acc
Session Back-up (CDR/DVD) Yes Yes Yes (NARAS standard)
MP3/AAC Web Encoding Yes_128k Yes_192k-256k Yes_256k-320k
Optional Extras (5.1/Dance remix) No/No Yes/Yes ($POA) Yes/Yes ($POA)
MIX Packages (in-house) Song Demo Artist Single/Track Indie/Major Label Master
Project Rates (typical drop-off) $200-$250 $250-$500 $500-$750+
Hourly Rates (client present/overs) $40 $50 $60
Tracks # in session (max.) 24-32 32-64 64-128+
Hours # per mix (average) 3-4 5-8 8-12+
Vocal Editing &/or Pitch Correction Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Multiple Mixes (incl. Instrumentals) 1 2-3 3-4
Mastering (Pre or Final) Pre Pre &/or Final Pre &/or Final
Mix Delivery Sample rates (typical) 16bit/44.1k 16 & 24bit @ 44.1k 16 & 24bit @ 44.1k-96k
Back-up Session to CDR/DVD Yes Yes Yes (NARAS standard)
Web Encoding (w/ ID tags) mp3/aac @ 128k mp3 or aac @ 192k-256k mp3 & aac @ 256k-320k
Free Revisions (drop-off's only) 1 (+$40/hr) 2 (+$50/hr) 3 (+$60/hr)
Session Rentals (Pro Tools HD3) N/A N/A Yes ($POA)

Video & DVD Production & Post

Video Editing (EPK/Web/Concert):- $50/hr or $400/day plus costs in Final Cut Pro 7 or Adobe Premiere.

Music Video "Shoot & Edit" Packages:- From $3k/Song for HDSLR. Click here for Music Video packages & pricing. Email for a Custom Quote with an outline of your ideas/vision. Include mp3 of song and links to sample/reference videos.

Videography (HD) - Interviews & Live Performances:- From $1000-$1500 "Shoot & Edit" (1man/2cam). Includes 2 x HDSLR Video Cams + Lights + Audio kit. Additional production gear & crew available on request. Day Rates (shoot only) from $400/day per camera/crew. 1/2 day rates (upto 3hrs shooting) from $250 per camera/crew.

DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring:- From $100 for 5 minute DVD with basic template menu. Includes capture, encoding & authoring. Special Indie Music DVD Packages: $500/60 min. (epk/promo/non-commercial). $1000-$1500/60min. (commercial). $1500-$2000/90min. (commercial). $2000-$3000/2hrs.Custom Motion Menu Design $50/hr. Click here for Quote.

Photo & Graphic/Web Design

(for Music &/or Video Clients only)

Photo Sessions:- $250-$750 per session/location. Incl. Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, 3-7 looks, Digital files. MUA avail on request. Photo Re-Touching avail. on hourly or per image basis ($POA).

Mastering/Graphics Package:- $500 per CD. Includes digital mastering of 10 songs and CD cover art layout (4 page book - front, back, 2p. liner notes plus label). Add $30 per additional song Mastered.

Web/Graphic Design:- $50 per hour. Web pages from $50 per page (html). CD cover art $300 - $500.

Indie Label Web Sites:- From $750+. Includes complete 7-10 page web site design, navigation bar, text, images, audio & video encoding, flash "splash" intro, S/E optimzation etc.(Add $50 per additional page)

Indie Artist Web Sites:- From $500! Includes complete 5 page web site design, navigation bar, text, images, audio & video encoding, flash "splash" intro, S/E optimzation etc.(Add $50 per additional page).

Songwriter Web Sites:- Beginning at $250 for a basic 3 page site w/bio, pics & audio samples. Add $50 for 2 minute video clip. We can also put together your artist web pages on external sites for as little as $100 per web site. click here for multimedia

Feel free to email me your questions or click here for a Custom Quote for your next project. Please include your name, phone #, email & specific project details for a custom quote. Ph: (818) 567-1911.

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