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Audio / Visual Services Rates


The following Rate Card can be used for guide purposes. Every client project is unique, so please complete the appropriate Online Quote Form in as much detail as possible (attach scripts, outlines, url/links to a/v content etc.) for an estimate &/or before you email/call me about your project. Thanks in advance! - Eric

AUDIO POST / VO Services * $ RATES (Est.) QUOTE Request
Voice Over Recording, Editing, Mixing * Project rates available via Quote $100/2hr session, $400/day VoiceOver
Voice Over Talent (non-union/buyout) * In-house projects/sessions only * $POA (w/Script) VoiceOver
Animation &/or Foreign Dubbing: Commercial DVD & Broadcast projects $POA (w/Script+DVD) VoiceOver
Translations / Adaptations for Foreign Dubs: English to Spanish & vica-versa $POA (w/Script) VoiceOver
ADR Sessions: 1/2 or Full Day sessions * PT session set-up fees apply $200-$400*/session Email info
Audio Post - Dialog/Music Editing, Sound Design, Noise Reduction, Mixing $400-$500/day Email info
Audio Post - Sound Mixing (Stereo or 5.1) for Broadcast/Cable $50-$100 per finished minute Email info
Audio Post - Complete Post Indie Film DVD Package $POA (w/DVD+Script) Email info
Music Composition: Sound Tracks, Scoring etc. $POA (w/DVD+Script) Email info

Final Cut Pro Video Editing: Music/Entertainment, Commercial & Corporate +VTR Rental, Dub &/or Online charges (if applicable)


Final Cut Pro Video Editing: Churches & 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations +VTR Rental or Dub charges (if applicable)


Motion Graphics Design (DV/HD): Music/Entertainment, Commercial, Corporate

$50-$75/hour VideoPost

Music Videos - Script/Pre-Production, Production & Post (FCP Editing, Graphics, Color). Prices vary based on cast & crew size + location costs

1 Man/Location - $1k-$3k
Full Crew/Cast - $3k-$6k+
Email info Packages*

Commercials - Web/Local: Script, Production & Video Post (30 sec Web / Cable TV, Low - Mid-range productions)

1 Man/Location - $500-$1000
Full Crew/Cast - $1.5k-$3k+
Email info
Commercials - Regional/National: Script, Production & Video Post (30 sec. Cable TV, Mid - High-end productions) $POA (w/Outline or Script & Production Quality Ref's) Email info
Corporate Video: Script, Production & Video Post $POA (w/Outline or Script) Email info
Infomercials: Complete Video Post packages (30 min.) $5000-$10000+ (typical) Email info
Script Writing: Commercial & Corporate Video $50/hr, $POA (w/Outline) Email info
Event Videography: Corporate, Performance, Family (varies based on Cameras) $400-$750/day per person/ camera + Extra's Email info
DVD AUTHORING Services * $ RATES (Est.) QUOTE Request
Short DVD Packages* (5 min.-45 min.) $100-$200 DVD
Basic DVD Package* (60 min.) $200-$500 DVD
Professional DVD Authoring Packages* (Multi-Menu, Custom Motion Graphic Design, Hardware Encoding, Extra's - BTS, Commentaries, Galleries etc) $500-$2000+ DVD
DVD Motion Menu Design (Custom Motion Graphics) $50-$75/hr DVD
DVD Audio Mastering: (Feature, Commentaries, Behind-the-Scenes, Xtras) $50-$75/hr DVD
AVCHD Blue-Ray Discs (DVD plays back 720p AVCHD in Blu-Ray Player) $POA DVD
MULTIMEDIA DESIGN (In-House Music - Audio - Video projects only) DESIGN Price List Email info
WEB ENCODING Services * $ RATES (Est.) QUOTE Request
Audio Encoding (AAC, MP3, Flash ) $25+$1 per minute ($75 min.) Encode
Video Encoding - WEB (QuickTime H.264, Flash, WMP ) $50+$5 per minute ($75 min.) Encode
FREELANCE On-Site (Audio/Video) Pro Tools, Final Cut Studio etc. $POA (Email w/Job Outline) Email info


* Videography Shoot & Edit Packages: 1 Man HDSLR shoots with Canon 7D & Panasonic GH1 Cameras (1080/24p) & Lens (as per Gear List). Additional HD Cameras w/Crew available at additonal charge ($POA) on request: Canon 5D, Sony EX-1/3 & F3/F100, Panasonic HVX-170/200a & AF-100, RED MX & EPIC etc.

- Optional Add-On Extras: Photoflex/Lowel 3 Light Kit (+$25/light), Westcott 5-1 Reflector/Bounce (+$10), Sennheiser Lav Mics &/or Rode NTG-2 Shotgun (+$25/mic), Shure SM58 (+10), Green Screen 12"x8" (+50).

- Optional Add-On Rentals: ZoomH4N/Mixer (+$25/$50*), Cranes/Dollys/Sliders/Stabilizers (+$75-200/item*), 7"-10" LCD HD Monitors (+$100-$125*). * I/we can get anything you need with reasonable advanced notice.

- Optional Additional Crew: Hair/Make-up Artist, Wardrobe/Stylist, PA's, Actors & Location Scouts - $POA.

Note: I/we can Shoot & Edit anything; Local Cable Commercials, Infomercials, Corporate Video, Interviews, Events & Seminars, Live Performances and Music Videos anywhere in the greater L.A. Metro area.

* Audio Post: Indie Film packages above are avaialble for mixing audio for Home Theatre - DVD. Actual costs vary depending on production sound quality, adr needs etc. Send VHS/DVD for Quote. Additional "commercial" studio rates apply for mixing Indie Theatrical releases in Dolby Cert. Room.

* DVD - Short programs: 5min/$100,10min/$135, 15min/$185, 20min/$235, 30min/$335, 45min/$485. Includes video capture, encoding & DVD with basic still menu from Mini DV, s/VHS &/or Hi-8 source media.

Basic DVD Packages ($200-$500): Includes capture source footage (Mini DV, DigiBeta, Beta SP, VHS etc) Client supplied still Menu graphic or one pre-designed menu theme, 60 minute footage limit (can include multiple video segments), photo portfolio slide-show (25 photos included),  One 16 Bit / 48 kHz stereo audio track, 1 master copy of the DVD-R output w/plain text labels on DVD-R w/jewel case. Add DVD copies : $25.  

Pro DVD Authoring Packages ($500-$2000+): Initial Project Setup & design layout, Video Capture & MPEG-2 Encoding (w/Hardware), Dolby AC3 Audio Encoding, Multi Audio Tracks/Streams (Stereo PCM, 5.1 Surround Sound, Commentaries, Foreign Language), Chapter Markers, Custom Still or Motion Menu Design and DVD Artwork from client supplied images. Optional Extra's:- DLT output (DVD-5/9); Audio Mastering; 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing; Hybrids with Web links; Foreign Language Subtitles; Multi Cam Angles (P.O.A).

* Encoding A/V: $15-$30 set-up fee plus $1 (audio) or $5 (video) per minute per format per bit-rate. 2nd bitrate (56k) 1/2 price. Audio editing @ $5 per song from client supplied in/out TC. Video editing @ $35/hour. $75 minimum order. VTR/Dub fees apply to DVCam, DVCPro, Beta SP & Digi Beta.

General Terms of Service: Minimum session booking = 2 hours (music/voice) or 4 hours (audio/video post). Audio/Video Post-Production services are billed on a project basis or by the day/week, and usually do not include any 3rd party equipment/studio rental costs (i.e DVCam/BetaSP/DigiBeta VTRs etc) or tape costs, unless otherwise stated. On some low budget indie projects we'll negotiate a flat-fee package, which includes all necessary recording/editing/mixing services for the estimated number of days/weeks needed to complete the entire project. Sound design, ADR, voice over and audio "sweetening" sessions are generally billed on a session or day rate basis, which includes set-up, recording, editing and mixing. Additional fees may be charged for voice talent or session singers/musicians, travel and work outside our studio to our audio/video post partner's facilities and equipment rentals. Music composition, music supervision and jingles are done on a project basis. The above-mentioned rates are effective 05/25/05 but may vary from project to project, depending on the nature and scope of each job. Feel free to email us or a custom quote. Please include your name, company, phone & fax #, email, mailing address and specific project details in your request. All Services subject to Studio / Personnel availability!

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