Gold Street creative media prodction agency



R E C O R D I N G . S e r v i c e s

48-128 Track Digital Recording in

Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase SX

Music Track Production & Arranging

Drum Programming & Loop Editing

Vocal, Keyboard & Guitar Tracking

Vocal Editing & Pitch Correction

Mixing & Mastering for CD / DVD

Booking Session Talent & Rentals

DAT & Hard Disk Recorder Transfers

R E C O R D I N G . T o o l s

DAW's: Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase SX

Mic Pre-Amps: Avalon 737SP, Digi 002R

A/D/A Convertors: Apogee Rosetta 200 (192k)

CPU: Mac G5 2G DP, G4 1.2G + 23" HD ACD

Mics: Neumann U87, Rode NT-2, EV RE-27 +

Korg Triton Studio, Gibson LP, Takamine A/E

Monitors: JBL LSR's w/RMC, Tannoy PBM's

Mixing Console: Mackie Control Pro + XT Pro.

Recorders/Decks: Lacie D2 DVD, Sony DAT

RECORDING Session Rates

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Hourly Rates: Weekdays = $40/hr (10am-6pm). Evenings = $50/hr (6pm-10pm). Saturday = $60/hr.

Block Rates: Weekdays = $150/4hrs. Evenings = $200/4hrs. Day Blockout: $300-$400/8hrs.

* 50% Deposit & verified address required for all bookings 48hrs in advance of scheduled session. 2 hr min.

* all sessions/projects subject to studio/engineer availability.

RENTAL Options

Pro Tools HD3 System: +$300/day. 4 X Digi 192's (48 ch), Sync, Neve 1073, Lexicon 960L & Plug-ins.



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