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Voice Over Recording Talent Los Angeles

Voice Over Talent

Non-Union &/or SAG Financial Core (Los Angeles based)

The below voice talent are available for in-house studio projects/sessions (only). Please email us for rates or click here for a custom project quote, and be sure to attach your script. * click link for BTS VO Session Video
Male - English Female - English Foreign - European

Francoise* (French) - nar chr

Sebastian* (French) - nar com chr

Claire* (French) - chr com nar

Muriel* (French) - com nar

Dana (French) - demo

Andree* (French) - nar

Kelly* (French) - nar

Sylvian* (French) - demo com

Sylvia* (French/German) - fra ger chr

Chris* (French/German) - fra ger

Mia* (German/Swiss) - ger swger

Dana HK* - (Ger) - chr nar com kid

Martin* (German) - demo

Heiko* (German) - demo

Lissy* (German) - demo chr1 chr2

Bettina* (German) - reel

Yasmine* (German) - demo

Tanira* (Portuguese) - reel

Gilberto* (Portuguese) - demo

Derek (European) - demo

Paola* (Italian) - demo

Rich - demo com nar

Eric - psa prm aussie nar chr

Charlie - com nar

Steve G.- chr com prm

Eric W.- com chr

Jonathan - chr

Michael R. - chr

Sylvian - chr

Toby - char

Don - demo

Steve S.- demo

Peter - demo

Matthew (SAG) - nar com

Bruce - demo

Alex - tvcom

Darren - demo

David B.- demo

Robert P.- nar1 nar2

John - com

Steve L.- trl

Jordi - acc

Deborah - com nar prm

Katie - chr nar

Denise - acc

Stephanie - chr com prm

Kathy - com

Dana - com nar

Gina - com

Tera - demo

Christy - com nar

Aimee - chr com prm

Andrea - nar book com

Karen - com nar

Alsina - com

Jennifer - nar com

Marni - com

Celia - com nar

Claire - chr

Margo - com

D.L. - com

Lindsay - com

Dana HK. - acc

Male - Spanish Female - Spanish Foreign - Asian
Gloria Q* - (Bio) dubcom dubcom tvcom dubcom dub nar dubchr dubchr dubchr

Gabriela* - com dubcom

Alejandra* - demo english

Susana* - demo

Denise* - demo com

Jackie* - demo

Olivia P.* - demo chr

Katie - demo/chr

Vange* - com nar chr

Raquel* - demo

Olivia R.* - chr

Marlene* - demo

Gloria A.* - demo com

Kathy* - com

Jewelz* - demo

Enrica* - demo nar

Luciano* - chr

Tera - reel dubchr

Gina - dubchr dubchr dubchr

Karen - esp dubchr

Sue - nar

Paul* (Japanese) - nar nar

Hiroco* (Japanese) - vo1 vo2

William* (Korean) - nar

Lyn* (Japanese) - demo

Rene* - nar com nar narpic
dubcom dubcom dubcom

Armando* - com nar

Eduardo* - chr

Alejandro* - com

Mario* - demo

Gerardo* - chr com nar trl

Erick* - demo

Victor* - demo

George* - demo

Edgardo*- dubchr

Mario R.* - chr

David* - nar dubchr dubchr dubchr

Herman* - dubcorp dubcom dubchr

Guillermo* - nar dubchr dubchr

John* - dubchr dubchr dubchr

Ricardo* - nar nar

Felix* - nar

Robert* - com com2

Bruno* - com prm

Alberto* - demo

Gregory - com

Alain - demo

Children - English
Jasmine - com nar chr chr-esp

Legend: com=(commercial) prm=(promo) nar=(narration) chr =(character/animation) dub=(dubbing/adr)*= native speaker
Audio/Video samples are in either AAC, MP3 or QuickTime mov (streaming) or formats. Make sure you have the latest FREE players installed or click these links to download the free players: Apple QuickTime 7


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