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GOLD STREET (Burbank) provides high quality professional Voice Over recording, editing, syncing & mixing services at very competitive rates. VO Producer Eric Michael Cap has 15 years experience recording voice narration for radio & TV commercials, industrial & corporate videos, documentaries & indie films, DVD audio commentaries, animation & foreign language dubbing, and ADR for TV/Film. We also record voice for toys & video games, audio books, motivational & eLearning programs, deliverable on CD/DVD (wav/aif) or via FTP/Web. We have a diverse pool of local non-union English speaking talent, as well as some of the best native speaking Spanish & foreign language talent in L.A. We also provide In-House Casting & Translation services. Email Us or click here to request a quote or call 818.567.1911 to check our Producer /Studio & Talent availability. Links: * BTS VO session video * BTS VO sessions photos

Some of our recent clients/projects:- Accent Media * Advanced Bionics * * Committee for Children * Family Promise Verdugos - Empty Bowl & Box City * Global Language Solutions: Anaheim /O.C. Tourist Bureau, Oakland Int'l Airport, Boeing, GE, Nikken * Green Inc. - "You're Not The Man I Married" * Health Nuts Media * IntraTherapies * Kern Direct * (PBS) KVIE Channel 6 Sacramento - "California Heartland" * Leap Frog / Knowledge Kids Network * London Dreams Motion Pictures - "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" * Meggitt PLC & Whittaker Controls * TeleStory TOONS / EMI Christian Music - "Angel Wars" * Texas Department of Health - "Vaccines" * The Contender Group - "The Invisible Man" * The Marketing Dept * The Style Group * Zookies + many more.


Voice Over Services.

Voice Over & ADR Recording, Editing and Mixing

Narration for Documentaries and Corporate Video

Radio-style Podcasting & Interviews (Studio/Tel.)

Animation Dubbing (English/Spanish) & Mixing

Foreign Language Dubbing (Spanish & Euro.)

Voice Over Talent Casting* (Non-Union/SAG)

Project or Session Rates (Photos incl.@ n/c)

World Class Gear: Neumann U87, EV RE27, Avalon 737sp,

Apogee Rosetta 200, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Audition

High Speed Cable Modem (60Mb-down/4Mb-up)

Shure mic
EV RE-20

Industrials * Radio/TV Spots * Commercials * Film/DVD * Web Audio.

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* Voice Over Talent casting available for in-house Projects / Sessions only

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.Voice Over - Narration - ADR credits/samples

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ENTERTAINMENT Client projects (partial list)

Voice Over Recordist/Editor, California Heartland - KVIE Channel 6 Sacramento (PBS Affiliate). Various programs to be aired this Fall. Samples (raw audio): Orchard Wrangler (Stephanie O'Neill), Wohlford Ranch, Hayground Organic Gardening, Starting Over - Dan & Enedina Lammers, Family Farm Survival (Jennifer Quinonez).

Voice Over Recordist, You're Not The Man I Married - Green Inc.TV & Film (U.K.) produced BBC TV Show narrated by Patrick Kielty. Show 5 "Marion & Norman" & Show 6 "Stephen & Collen". Samples (raw audio takes): YNTMIM#5_take02. YNTMIM#6_take01.

Audio Commentary Recording Engineer, The Invisible Man - Contender Group (U.K.) produced Season 1 double DVD box set. Narrated by Michael McCafferty & Eddie Jones. Samples: IMsample1. IMsample2.

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Commercials. Produced 2 promo spots featuring the voice of Deborah Marlowe. Recorded & mixed in Pro Tools, with audio to picture sync in Final Cut Pro. Samples: Bellydance Promo Spot 1

Voice Dub Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Angel Wars -TeleStoryTOONS / EMI Christian Music. Spanish Dub (30 min.) recorded, edited & mixed in Pro Tools + In-house translation & casting. Voices: Gina Kurowski, David Marroquin, Gloria Q-C, John Flores, Guillermo & Tera & Lecuona. DVD available on Samples: Intro Narration (GL) * Gina/John (Kira/Shadow) * Gina/Dave (Kira/Eli) * Dave2/Gina2 (Norman/Muriel) * Dave (Eli) * Gloria/John (Cubas/Shadow) * Dave2/Gloria2 (Norman/Victoria) * Guillermo & Tera (Michael & Arriana) * John2 (Morg) - Group Scene (Paladin/Kira/Eli/Michael) * Final Scene (Kira/Eli/Michael).

Voice Over Recording/Mix Engineer, Seal Island Documentary. Narration recording, editing & mixing in Pro Tools.

Voice Over Recordist, The Knight at Dawn LeapPad Book published by Leap Frog. Voice narration & character voices recorded for interactive audio book produced by Knowledge Kids Network.

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Wizard Kwiggle, childrens audio program writtem by Lori Walters.Recording 6 character voice actors, extensive editing, TCE, sound design & mixing in Pro Tools. mp3 samples: Intro - Humpty - Space

VO Talent + Recordist/Editor/Mixer, "New York Undiscovered" Spot:. VO recorded, edited & mixed in Nunedo. QTmov - RM

VO/ADR Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Almost Too Late: An independent feature film by Eddie Chitate. Voice Over & ADR Recording to pic, Editing & Mixing in Pro Tools. Sample w/pic:- Endmonolog.rm (dialog/music-1.1Mb).

VO Editor/Mixer, Ann Sembrook Demo. Pro Tools editing & mixing with production library music.

BUSINESS Client projects (partial list)

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, "Vaccines" TV & Radio spots produced by Fortis Filmworks for the Texas Dept. of Health. English & Spanish narrations recorded in Nuendo. In-house VO Talent Gloria Q-C (esp) & Rich Bullock (english).

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, IntraThearapies Commercials. Recorded & mixed voice overs for 7 commercial spots for health company featuring the voice of Nathan Sassover. Commercials also featured on promotional corporate DVD authored in-house. DAW: Pro Tools. mp3 samples

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Advanced Bionics - "Learning to Listen with a Cochlear Implant". Recorded, edited, mixed & mastered 3 CD set for ground-breaking medical company whose clients include Rush Limbah. VO by Deborah Marlowe & Dave Cameron, DAW; Pro Tools. samples: introduction, story1, story2, technical

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Marketing Executive Online Forum produced by Kern Direct. Pro Tools editing, mixing & additional Voice Over recordings (w/Neumann U87). QT samples: K1 - K2 - K3 | RM samples: K1 - K2 - K3

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, "Resort To Something New" Video for Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau. VO recording, editing, mixing and audio post in Nunedo. QT Samples:- OOintro-esp - Disney-esp - Universal-esp - SeaWorld-jap

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Oakland Int'l Airport Industrial. Recording & Editing Spanish & French voice overs & picture sync in Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro (finished @ Dr Rawstock*, Hollywood). FrenchNar.rm (1.8Mb) SpanishNar.rm (1.8mb).

Voice Dub Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Gano Excel (USA) Sales Training Video produced by Rod Mitchell - Greenleaf Street. Spanish Voice Over Recording (looping to picture) of main actor (Herman Leon), as well as testimonial VO talent (Gloria Q-C, Karen Barry). Audio Editing/Sync.,TCE & Mixing of 45 min. program in Nuendo. Samples:, WMV. testimonial characters: Herman - Gloria - Karen

Voice Over Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Meggitt PLC & Whittaker Controls corporate videos - "Sunset-Midway", "MRO Presentation" & "Military Products". QT Samples (a/v):- Defence - MRO1 - MRO2 RM Samples (audio only):- Rich01 - Rich10

Voice Over Talent + Recordist/Editor/Mixer, The Style Group, (Beverly Hills). Voice narration & recording for Whittaker Controls Flash presentation. Whittaker is a unit of Meggitt PLC, a leader in aerospace & defence industries. Clip1 - Clip2

VO Recordist/Editor/Mixer, GE Rotoflow Industrial. Recording, Editing & Mix Spanish Voice Over in Pro Tools. Concl-esp.rm

VO Recordist/Editor/Mixer, Boeing Sea Launch Commander & Odyssey voice overs recorded/mixed in Japanese and Korean.


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