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Laurice was recently reviewed in Octobers Blues & Soul Magazine (U.K.). Here's a quote:

"Best of the bunch though is 'Watching the City Come Alight'. It's got a decent melody, an infectious chorus and the tempo is just above a ballad, you know the kind of beat beloved of modern soul boys. Through it all Laurice's voice is strong and soulful and again we make the point that real soul is out there it just needs searching out". - Bill Buckley

The song debut @ #12 on their Autumn Soul Chart (beating some quite famous names).

Radio & Club Play (Europe): Holiday FM Radio - Ibiza (Spain) is playing It’s A Funky Thang. Dj’s Mickey Jay called it "perfect for my radio show’". Dave Johns and Graham Sahara have all had good feedback. It's also been played by DJ Igor at Cadena 100 Radio Ibiza. Joan Ribas DJ at Pachas Club and Café del Mar Ibiza has called It’s A Funky Thang "A breath of fresh air for my sessions". Danny Marquez at Privilege in Ibiza says it's Great music, perfect for my warm up set . Kiko Navarro @ Pachas in Mallorca called it a "really good funky track"’. The songs have also been played at Amnesia, El Ayoun & the JockeyClub.
"Let me express my views on the excellent job you did on this recording project. 'Interior States' was challenging because of the need to edit/master tracks which had been recorded on two different pianos over a period of a few years. This required real attention to tonal balance, overall sound stage, and attention to the intricate dynamics of the musical pieces to assure continuity throughout the 43 tracks which were ultimately chosen for the 3 CDset. Eric's work was consistently on top of each phase, showed real diligence as we critically narrowed our choices and refined the overall "presence' of the music. Great organization of data and communication during this process futher assured the end product which is receiving very positive response from a wide range of listeners". - Nathan Sassover
“ Eric’s cool, he doesn’t hang about. He’s straight onto the production, gives you loads of feedback and has a knack of getting to the heart of a song to bring out the best in it” - Dave Coe, Liverpool U.K. (BMI Songwriter)

"Those tracks came through great. I love the energy of both tracks and they are just in the style I was looking for"! - Dave Coe (more below)

"These two songs are sounding great. I really want to release Funky Thang onto the dance floor...I want to push it in the clubs so I'll be releasing it on 12 inch vinyl firstly and hopefully it will take off then and I can get it on local radio and build up that way.If the song takes off I'm sure I'd be able to get some backing...The first 100 or so I'm just going to use as promotion to get it to the deejays in the clubs in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. If the song creates a buzz , I'll then give people the opportunity to buy the 12 inch or a cd single on the internet. The next thing would depend on interest but it would probably involve some sort of distribution deal. The record should be on the dance floors in about 4- 5 weeks, so I'll let you know the reaction when I hear it (or see it)...I like Feel Good as well. I'm sure the song will be very pitchable or possibly be a follow up to Funky Thang if it takes off".

"I think ‘Honey ..’ is great. I really enjoy the beat and that style is very popular in the UK at the moment. It’s nice when a song makes your feet start dancing...This has been a really good session, I think every song has potential."

"This session's turning out to be brilliant. I love 'Music of the Night' and again it improves each time I hear it. Lovely arrangement and vocals. I'm a real fan of Laurice's, everyone I play the songs to is the same. I think the song has a sort of jazz r&b feel."

"That's brilliant, really high energy and the vocals are wonderful . Makes you want to dance and dance and dance, just what I'd hoped for" (re The Music That We Need)

"This morning I've just been listening to 'Until I See Your Face' in the car on my way to work. I love it . Again, great arrangement and vocals. I think this may have a lot of commercial appeal, because anything that sounds that good in the morning, for me, has a lot going for it. It also grows on you, so people will not be able to stop singing"

"I think that's brilliant, the arrangement's superb and Laurice's vocals's excellent, sort of controlled but with a feeling of pent up anger. Love it!" (re Baby It's Up 2 U)

"Big thumbs up to 'Watching the City Come Alight'. As you say, silky smooth. It sort of sways along, very sexy. Great production and vocals "...They have submitted ''Watching the City Come Alight' to an RCA soul/r&b singer called Heather Headley (two Grammy nominations this year), so fingers crossed."

"Thanks for the ‘Get me in the Mood’ demo, the production and singing are great...I think the chorus will potentially make a big hit song, it is so infectious."

"Thanks for the fourth mp3 (The Only One). I think the production, arrangement , song structure and vocals are fantastic. I am so pleased about the whole package of 4 songs, I really believe that each one has so much potential . The music business is a bit crazy so it’s hard to say what will happen, but I things these songs have a lot going for them."

"I too absolutely enjoyed working with you Eric.

It was so great and so very encouraging for me to get into the studio & to hear my voice come out and to be pleased with it.

You did a great job and I really had so much fun. Thanks a million!"

- Laurice Monica, Session Vocalist

"Eric is very professional and committed to his work. He has always been honest and helpful in regards to song structure and formation. He is dedicated to making certain his production and input are at its best. As well as providing a comfortable environment , he doesn't make you feel rushed. He's efficient, well-knowledged and honest-to-good producer. Highly recommended." - Rosy Morales (ASCAP songwriter/singer) samples: IntoTheNite, ByeByeBaby, Don'tCry.

Recent Commercial Radio Station Airplay:

The Pulse 93.5 - New York, NJ, CT
Air1 Radio K-LOVE Christian Music - OH, KY
WRFR 93.3 FM - Rockland, Maine
KRBW 90.5 FM "Mixtape Meltdown" - Ottawa, KS
WFDU 89.1 FM Gospel Vibrations Radio - NY
Club 316/106.3 FM - Charleston, SC
WDJZ 1530 AM Praise Radio

"You are very dependable, professional and resonable. You one of the best in the industry. I'm very proud to have worked with you... You did a great job on these songs...I'm certain the film maker is going to go with our version of Violet Skies... Everyone's really pleased. - Cornelius Williams, Life After Death Records mp3

" My name is Mr Animation, a gospel hip-hop rapper and dancer (you may have seen me perform at Santa Monica's 3rd St. Promenade). A friend of mine (Cornelius ) working on a great Gospel CD pulled me into the studio to work with Pro Tools engineer/editor Eric Michael. He's a pro at what he does. He knows his job very well and the music sounds great! I'm definately looking forward to working with him again. Check him out, he's the man." Animation mp3
"I like the mix, especially that jungle mix you got in it. The break is so cool ...All the people I let hear it ("Lets get Real Miss Thang") so far loves it. Yup we got a winner here. I want you to remix another single" - Keith Matedor mp3

"Hey I got the mixes today... I really like the bass mix, ... it's tight! I enjoyed the work we did together. - Keith mp3

"You are right this is a hit"
(re Ya Hot!)

"It works (Thank You remix) and it is a much smoother mix." - Marcia Campbell

"I honestly appreciate your work this past year, also. Working with a Pro is ALWAYS the best!" - Janet Fisher

"I'm very, very pleased with the mastering session. I had a few days to listen to it. I love it!!! I'm extremely happy. Thanks so much. - Trevor Jackson before.rm after.rm

"I'm a frequent flyer, and Eric's professionalism is a great influence in booking a studio when I am in the Southern California area. I have been impressed by his work ethic and I look forward to working with him in the future" - Vu X Le mov

"The sound of the song (Miss America) is great i.e the instruments and the way the vocals were tweaked" - Nicci Bates mp3

"I was checking out your website & downloaded the preview clip of Miss America. It sounds Super Dope. Not just dope but Supa Dope". - Evolve, Nandm Entertainment mp3

"I only have one thing to say about the basic music so far...TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! - Mevin R. McKenzie QTmov

" Thank you for doing an amazing job on the Friday Night (Party) song" - Elena Merkusheva mp3

"Did you do all this with just the keyboards? Are those real guitars? sounds are just amazing as I already knew...I can't wait to start work on my song".

"I'm excited about coming back in to do more...I really love how the last two came out!" - Jerry Allen

MBR A&R Registry

MAY / JUNE 2004

see page 75

"You did a nice job on this (Never 2 Much). The song is well written, with outstanding arrangement and production". Arrangement 9/10. Production 9/10. Engineering 9/10. - TAXI

"The production and performance on this (So Good) sound great, and musically the song is very solid...the track is so good" . Arrangement 9/10. Production 9/10. Engineering 9/10. - TAXI

"I like the musical feel (Miss America)...Nice structure. Great rhyme pattern. Interesting vocal mix (I think it's cool)! Reminds me of Vanessa Williams". Arrangement 8/10. Production 8/10. Engineering 9/10. - TAXI

"I like the positive vibe of this song (Only You). This song sounds mature in tone. I like the song vocally. It reminds me of SWV or Mary J. Blige". Arrangement 8/10. Production 8/10. Engineering 8/10. - TAXI

The track (Bye Bye Baby) grooves well and is solidly written...sounds urban pop/hip-hop. Production 8/10. Engineering 8/10. Musicianship 8/10. - TAXI

"Eric's productions shows not only his solid technique, but also his passion as a big music fan" - Paul Laurence, Multi-Platinum Songwriter-Producer-Artist (Freddy Jackson)

"Eric is a highly talented individual with many skills which are unique and instrumental in producing quality music for our ever-growing industry" - Mari Robinson, BMG

"I'm very impressed by the sound quality of your production" - Mike Jackson, Portrait

"Liked 1st song (Fantasy). Producing seems to lean towards dance. Good artists". - James Jackson, MCA Music

"very well constructed - good programming, sounds, ideas. You've got your techniques down, which is why these tracks have so much 'crack' in them" - Mark Moffat, Multi-Platinum Producer (Sonics)

"I teach at The Julliard School of Music. I have taught voice and worked with many of today's leading recording artists such as Harry Connick Jnr and Michael Bolton. My clientele also includes LaFace Records. I have known Eric since 1990 and consider him a highly professional, driven young man, possessing a unique blend of musical talent and business sense. I have worked with many of the artists he is recording and producing, most recently Keith Bonner and Patrice Beatty. I have no doubt Eric will receive national recognition in his field and commercial chart success" - David Whitley, M.M.

"a talented producer, he has written and produced music for several up and coming artists. After submitting demo tapes to various record companies, Eric successfully met with music executives from East-West Records, a division of Warner Bros. East-West Records are interested in his work" - Michael Campbell, BMI

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