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Songwriter/Producer/Artist Eric Michael Cap is available for hire for high quality commercial Christian/Gospel, R&B, Pop/Rock, Dance, Latin & Children's music projects. Services include: Songwriting - Music Production - Recording - Vocal Editing - Mixing - Mastering. Private state-of-the-art Project Studio with Korg Triton Studio, Pro Tools, Apple Logic Studio & Cubase DAW's. Worldclass FX plugins by Waves, SSL, API, TC, IK etc. Gibson Les Paul & Takamine Electric/Acoustic Guitars with Line 6 Spider 3 Amp & GTR Amp modeling plugins. Neumann U87, Avalon 737, Apogee Rosetta 200, JBL LSR's 5.1 Monitors with a Mackie Control (MCU) for automated mixing with total recall. Serving Indie & major label solo artists & vocal groups internationally with professional production & affordable project rates! Click here to request a custom project quote or call 818.567.1911 to discuss your music production needs. Member: BMI (Writer/Publisher), NARAS (Recording Academy) & Gospel Music Association.

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Music Production Song Packages

Laurice Monica 12" Dance Remix
Recording Mixing Studio Korg Triton Studio, Avalon 737, Apogee Rosetta 200, Mac Pro, Rack
Music Production Packages (in-house) Song Demo Song Master - Indie Artist MASTER - Indie/Major Label
Full Production Costs: Music+Vocals+Mix $500 $1000 $1500+
Music Track only Cost $250 $500 $750+
Session Vocalists / Musicians Costs (Opt.) +$150ea +$150ea +$150-$300ea
Vocal Editing & Pitch Correction Yes/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Mix Revisions # 1 (+$40/hr) 2 (+$50/hr) 3 (+$50/hr)
Mastering Pre Yes Yes
Mixes (Vocal, BVox, Instr., Acc) Vocal+Instr. Vocal+BVox+Instr. Vocal+BVox+Instr.+Acc
Session Back-up (CDR/DVD) Yes Yes Yes (NARAS standard)
MP3/AAC Web Encoding Yes_128k Yes_192k-256k Yes_256k-320k
Optional Extras (5.1/Dance remix) No/No Yes/Yes ($POA) Yes/Yes ($POA)
Music Samples (by Style) R&B_SoGood POP/CC_Can't Face The Day R&B/POP_Funky Thang
* denotes Music only samples R&B_Never 2Much POP/CC_Now & Forevermore R&B/CC_Can't Get Enuff
R&B_SweetThang POP/R&B_Somebody R&B_Only You
R&B_OnMyWay POP/R&B_Spread It All Over R&B/CC_Look What
POP/R&B_Miss America R&B_Watchin The City
POP/R&B_No Means No POP/CC_The Dream*
POP/R&B_Feel Good POP/CC_Not Afraid*
POP_Bye Bye Baby POP/CC_Victory Song*
POP_Until I See Your Face DANCE/CC_Babylon*
R&B/POP_Baby It's Up 2 U DANCE/CC_Heaven*
R&B/POP_Feelin U Feelin Me DANCE/CC_Scarlet Woman*
R&B/POP_My Heart ROCK/CC Crystal City*

FAQ: Differences between MASTERS & Demos

A. Masters have more tracks, more instruments and more time goes into fine-tuning & mixing. In short, masters are "radio-ready" & a must for major label pitches, commercial releases & TV/Film placement. Demos are a great way for songwriters to get their (song) ideas recorded at an economical price. Here's some demo & master samples of the same songs so that you can hear the differences:- "Honey Is That True" (Pop/R&B) demo - Master; "I Just Wanna Feel Good" (Pop/R&B) demo - Master; "The Music That We Need" (Latin/Dance) demo - Master; "Baby It's Up 2 U" (R&B) demo - Master. link
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